4. December 2017
Gran Canaria

More than 4,200 participants inclusive all the international guests from Europe and all ofer the world have participated in the annual gymnastics festival and nearly 1,000 of them were foreigners from 18 countries
After nine days in which gymnastics has spread throughout the island, the BLUME GRAN CANARIA FESTIVAL, with all our events, competitons and shows and friendly meetings of all the delegations which has been performing since 1960, ends now its 57th edition 2017.
Once again, this marks the end of a great celebration of the joie de vivre and active shaping of everyday life ...

2. December 2017
Playa del Ingles

Once Bernd Auerhammer himself was a pupil of the Nicolaus Copernicus Gymnasium in Weissenhorn (Bavaria), where he was also infected by the "Rockodiles" bacillus.
Today, the Munich sports teacher leads his own acrobatics group of pupils of the "European School" Munich for the first time to the BLUME festival, even though he himself has never been here. "There is already a piece of" old school "of my former teacher Richard Wieser in it," said the Munich pedagogue, who sees this year's BLUME premiere as a contribution to the 40th anniversary year of the "European School Munich" in Germany.
Whether it can turn out to be such a tradition for decades, like that of the Gymnasium of Weissenhorn  ...?

1. December 2017
Telde, Gran Canaria

At the 2017 International BLUME Aerobic Cup, which took place today in the city of Telde (Gran Canaria / ESP), young female athletes from Belarus, who made their first international outing, impressed in a very small field of participants.
They encountered local offspring from Gran Canaria itself, from the neighboring island of Lanzarote and from the Cape Verde Islands. In terms of numbers, the age group of 8 to 11-year-old girls was the most heavily populated. However, the victory went to Stanislava TURKOWA (17,650) from Belarus in front of Mariana Ramos (16,900) and ahead of Leona Semedo (16,700), both from Cape Verde.
The victory in the youth class went to Anna KASPEROWITSCH (18,200), was quite impressive! Her Belorussian coach, Yevgenia Chitchiro, was a former participant of World Championships herself. ...

1. December 2017
Playa del Ingles, ESP

At the beginning of November, the German  Rock'n'roll group "Rockodiles" from the "Nicolaus Copernicus Gymnasium" in Weissenhorn (Bavaria) celebrated their 30th anniversary with two spectacular shows in front of almost 2,000 spectators in the Fuggerhalle in ther hometown.
Coach Richard WIESER (65), who founded the extraordinary dance sports company 30 years ago and has been working as a trainer ever since, was also announced at the events. He will retire from his profession as teacher and coach in February 2018.
And now, in the distant Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria, it's now another farewell:
".. yes, that's the last time I've participated with a group of my "Nicolaus Copernicus Grammar School" after a total of 15 participations at the BLUME Gran Canaria Festival since the first time, in 1993, with interruption now for me first time! "

30. November 2017
Gran Canaria

"IGF 50+ - Behind this abbreviation hides the" International Gymnastics Festival 50+ ", not only permanent best part of the BLUME Festival for many years, but the Spanish organizers are also among the pioneers of these special offers for active seniors in their prime, also called as "Golden Ager" in 2005, at the 45th BLUME Festival, the initiative was launched on the initiative of former chairpersons for elder Gymnastics (German Gymnastics Federation DTB), Bärbel Schoettler, the "1. GOLDEN AGE FESTIVAL ", which was well received by the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) so much that three years later it took over this idea and since then has been a biennial event, which in no way deters the Spanish inventors in particular from annual sporting events to continue to nurture senior offers, that are still very popular in a variety of this year's workshops too ...

29. November 2017
Las Palmas, ESP

Since its opening in 2014 with the Basketball World Championship, the imposing "Gran Canaria ARENA" in the capital Las Palmas has become another sporting and cultural center.
Nearly 12,000 spectators find it in place and as this week also the participants of the 57th BLUME Festival 2017 populated this gigantic arena, there was a happy and turbulent action - completely different than usual at the home games of the Spanish basketball club Herbalife Gran Canaria.

Now, for the second time, this modern sports hall was available to the BLUME organizers, but for most of the girls and also for most of the older participants, this was the first time in such a huge arena ...

28. November 2017
Maspalomas, ESP


If you want to experience something special, in Gran Canaria, you will not only find it in the restaurants and bars of the tourist island, but in the evening also in the commercial center "Yumbo" of Maspalomas, in the sunny south of the holiday home.
In addition to the 'colorful bells' and whistles for shopping, there are every year at the end of November aesthetic highlights of gymnastics disciplines in a colorful mix of the 18 participating nations:
The participating clubs and international guests present their choreographies and national conceptions of gymnastics here on the show area, which present the whole range and variety of sports in a colorful kaleidoscope - of course to look at, but thought above all as an invitation to-do-it-yourself.