17. August 2022
Halle, Sa./GER

Germany's 96 years old senior gymnast Johanna QUAAS was overjoyed about the success of the two golden girls to the European Championships in Munich:
"What this Elisabeth Seitz has done for a big and long gymnastics career is unique, now even crowned with gold, is incredible! My warmest congratulations! I also know what hard work it is to stay on the apparatus for so long! And the fact that an 18-year-old is also top shows which development impulses this Emma Malewski has received in the Chemnitz gymnastics school. As a former coach, I know how long-term such development work must be done! Especially we age group gymnasts appreciate this, because all of us have been staying on the apparatus for decades, for the sake of health and performance.

16. May 2022
Markkleeberg, GER

"It was a great idea that the gymnastics friends from my hometown Halle (Saxonia-Anhalt) picked me up and took me to Markkleeberg (near Leipzig) by car! So I could  I met a lot of good old acquaintances there again, because from the first German National Senior Championships in 2000 on I was actively involved myself and was even able to win 11-tim in a row in my age group. But now, at the age of 96, I don't do any official gymnastics competitions anymore, but I meet old gymnast friends, ... it really lifts my spirits! Gymnastics is not just a sport, it is a special philosophy of life, it was and is simply my life"!
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20. November 2021
Halle/Sa., GER

"For my birthday I thought I would catch up on the unusual party from the previous year this time! Some of them asked me after receiving my invitation: Hannchen, won't you be 96? But you are inviting you to your 95th birthday on your card this year.. .? No, I didn't make a mistake - I'll just make up for my 95th from the previous year. That also fits in with my general living conditions: I still feel younger than the numbers say, so 'I answered them! Even if the risk of a pandemic is still not averted, I hope that all of my birthday guests are vaccinated or convalescent or controlled, but I have great understanding if some do not come to my little celebration. We older people belong especially to the so-called 'risk group'. But I would like to thank everyone, especially my long-time gymnastics friends, who sent me greetings for my birthday, special thanks to Nadia Comaneci and her husband Bart Conner in USA!

27. May 2021

Diagnosis: Femoral neck fracture!
Abrupt change from bicycle to rollator!

"Yes, it can go that fast! I had visited my relatives and friends at our Whitsun in my hometown of Hohenmoelsen in Saxonia-Anhalt, had brought my bike with me and the beautiful weather made me go on a trip to the "Moon Lake" others stay behind me ... so I made a bold curve in the meadow and - then it had already happened: Fall, pain, I couldn't get up on my own, and before I knew it, I had been sent to the hospital. But now, after a few days, I'm actually pretty well again. I can already walk the first short distances that are necessary. So: At the moment nothing with a bike, rollator, that's the name of the thing and I already use it to turn around in the hospital room. Now I will try not to go home in the first place, but to make a fixed rehab appointment in order to get back on my feet as properly as possible!"

16. April 2021
Halle, Sa./GER

Under this lurid TV series title of a 4-part series, the German private broadcaster "KABEL ONE" is dedicated to the "13 most incredible secrets of Germany".
Also there is the 95-year-old Johanna QUAAS from Halle in Saxonia-Anhalt, who is no stranger to the whole world for a decade now. Since 2013 she has been in the GUINNESS book of world records as the "oldest competitive gymnast in the world", her 'tens of millions of Youtube clicks by the former 11-time German senior gymnastics champion are in high double digits and with her "Quaas' bed gymnastics" She has given many people who can no longer make their way to a sports hall decisive movement impulses, especially now during the Corona period.

20. November 2020
Halle, Sa./GER

"Many thanks to all the well-wishers who think of me ...!

"It is a proud number and a grace to be able to reach such an old age! You enjoy every day when you can cope with everyday life without great restrictions, like me. In my life, daily exercise has always helped me through sport. Since I was 56 years old - that was in 1981, when my children were "out of the house" - I had started active apparatus gymnastics again, doing it in a competitive age-appropriate and permanent manner. I was a regular participant in German gymnastics festivals as early as the GDR era and in the new millennium I won the title of "German Senior Gymnastics Champion" in my age group 11 times in a row ...!"

7. April 2020
Halle / Sa./ GER

"Now many people feel that they can no longer practice their beloved sport as usual. But you can do something even without a gym. Our German top-star, Olympic bronze medallist Sophie Scheder, for example, was really enthusiastic about this, and she also keeps up at home.
I always do special home fitness, even before this Corona period, with daily bed exercises, right after getting up in the morning. Because of "risk group"! Those who remain inactive take a much greater risk! "
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