08. January 2018  
Stuttgart, GER

Johanna Quaas on Gala Tour throug Germany ...!

Since the start of the "Svabian Gymnastics Gala" of the Swabian Gymnastics Federation (STB) at the last week of December, the 92-year-old and worldwide oldest active gymnast Johanna Quaas also feels at home in all the following performances:
This tour takes over almost 3 weeks in 15 cities and includes 20 appearances, with the final highlight in Stuttgart, at Daturday, January 13 ...!
With her unique posture and suspense with her exercise on the parallel bar and admired by an active crowd of gymnastic children around her, she presented a symbolic image of an "ensemble of generations" under the motto:
"See what our sport can do: From young to old, and: Exercise is everything and makes you fit for everyday life!