27. November 2022
Las Palmas, ESP
Rhythmic Gymnastics

 It is now the VIII. International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament of the BLUME Festival.
For the first time, it took place on the first Festival weekend in the multi-purpose sports hall "Jesus TELO" in Las Palmas - named after the founder of the BLUME Festival Gran Canaria, Jesús Telo Núñez, who died in 2008 - and this year young gymnasts from Denmark, Italy and Germany accepted the invitation to compete against the

22. November 2022
Stuttgart, GER
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE (Job Boerse) as most efficient form of Job search in the field of Gymnastics disciplines, has an European and worldwide impact, because you can access the global entire GYM-Community!
Currently:  (22-NOV-2022) - The Svabian Gymnastics Federation in Stuttgart/GER is seeking a qualified coach for Rhythmic Gymnastics in its National Training Center in Fellbach-Schmiden, near Stuttgart ...

18. September 2022
Sofia, BUL
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Since the inaugural event in Budapest in 1963, the 39th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Rhythmic Gymnastics 2022 are now on the horizon.
After 1969 and 1987 in Varna, where the 2021 European Championships were held last year, Bulgaria, the once proud leading nation of this sport, will be the host for only the third time and its capital Sofia will experience this major event for the first time. These world championships from September...

28. August 2022
Cluj-Napoca, ROU
Rhythmic Gymnastics

As in artistic gymnastics, the world gymnastics association FIG has announced 10 world cups in Rhythmic Gymnastics in the post-Olympic year 2022:
The first five are defined by the FIG as WORLD CUPS. The FIG designates a further five following as World Challenge Cups. (Unfortunately, any differences are hardly comprehensible for the understanding of the public.).
   The No. 4 of this WC circuit one week after Easter took place in the capitel of Azerbaijan,...

19. June 2022
Tel Aviv, ISR
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Almost a year after Linoy ASHRAM's sensational Olympic victory in Tokyo and despite the end of her career, the fire of enthusiasm for the stars of rhythmic gymnastics in Israel is still burning. This also motivated the organizers of the 38th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS of RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS of this most aesthetic of all women's disciplines, which will take place from June 15 to 19, 2022 in Tel Aviv and thus for the first time in...