7. January 2003
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rosemarie Napp, former president of Rhythmic Gymnastics technical committee of German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) and until 1996 member of the TC Rhythmic Gymnastics of the European Gymnastics Federation (UEG) celebrates today in Hanover their 60. Birthday. She was engaged many years long for the DTB as international RG judge. The vice-president of the Gymnastics Federation of Lower Saxony (NTB) is also the president of the TuS Ricklingen Hanover, where she is active as a trainer also. In her job as...

15. December 2002
Price for GYMmedia-Photographer
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The photo with the title 'Weightless' from GYMmedia photographer Dirk Zimmermann was honoured as 'sport photo of the Year' at the yearly 'Ball of Sports' in the German country Saxonia- Anhalt'.
The photo shows the Ukrainian gymnast Natalya Godunko at the Worldcup final 2002 in Stuttgart. At last year already Zimmermann also had received the price for a Rhythmic Gymnastics photo, at that time with Simona Peycheva at the 2001 World Championships in Madrid.

11. December 2002
RG News
Rhythmic Gymnastics

Ursula Born, the chairman of the international Grand Prix Committee and of the German RG Comittee got the highest German honor in her home town St. Wendel yesterday.

The UEG has definitively entrusted the 20th European RG Championships (individuals) to the Ukrainian capital Kiev in June 2004.

At the 8th Tabea Cup in Halle (GER) the Russian junior group showed, that they are the favourits of European Junior Championships 2003 in Riesa (GER).

1. December 2002
World Cup Final Stuttgart / Germany
Rhythmic Gymnastics

On weekend, the world best artistic and rhythmic gymnasts met in Stuttgart (GER) for the World Cup finals 2002. The 20th 'DTB-Pokal' tournament is the host for the final competitions of World Cup Series in Artistic Gymnastics (women and men) and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

>> Triple winner of the rhythmic gymnastics decisions was the Ukrainian Anna Bessonova. She won rope, hoop and also clubs.
Winner with ball was Simona Peycheva from Bulgaria.

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24. November 2002
Grand Prix Series 2002
Rhythmic Gymnastics

On weekend, the final competition of the Grand Prix series 2002 in Rhythmic Gymnastics took place in Innsbruck (AUT).
The best gymnasts of this final competitions are the same, who won the complete Grand Prix series with apparatuses:
Zarina Gizikova (RUS) with hoop and ball, Simona Peycheva (BUL) with rope and Tamara Yerofeeva (UKR) with clubs.

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