1. September 2000
Aarau /Switzerland
Rhythmic Gymnastics

The traditional European national gymnastics federation, the "Schweizer Turnverband" (STV; Swiss Gymnastics Federation) is seeking for a national coach of Rhythmic Gymnastics....:

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14. April 2000
Maribor / Slowenien
Rhythmic Gymnastics

At the second Gymnastik-Worldcup 2008 in Rhythmic Gymnastics, the "SALAMUNOV MEMORIAL", in Maribor in Slowenia the Russian Evgenia KANAEVA won 4 Goldmedals.
With Gold in Allaround (74,975), in Rope (18,775), in Clubs (18,375) and Ribbon (18,700) - only the victory in Hoop (18,650) was gained by the Russian competitor Olga KAPRANOVA, second in All-around.

Best Slowenian gymnast was Moika Rode with place 11 in All-around (65,850) and place 9 with Hoop (16,525).