17. October 2003

Only with the last routine of the competition presented by Olympic Champion Alexander Moskalenko the decision in the men’s team final has been taken: The audience cheerfully celebrated the gold medal of the German team which narrowly won the event being 0.1 points ahead of Russia. The team from Ukraine managed to win the bronze medal.
In the women’s team final the Russians then won the gold medal in front of China and Canada.

16. October 2003

'World Champions - The Show'
The 450 athletes from more than 40 countries are welcomed with an impressive Opening on Thursday evening (October, 16th).
With “World Champions – The Show“ a speedy and pleasant show program was present. The performers in this program were the former artistic gymnastics World Champions Andreas Aguilar and Ralf Büchner (Hanover), the former trick biking World Champion Jens Schmitt, the former aerobics World Champions Mireila und Andrej Nezezon, the current German wheel World...

6. September 2003
Prag/Tschechische Republik

The reigning world Champion Anna Dogonadze from Germany (Bad Kreuznach) was the winner of the third world cup of the circuit 2003/04 this weekend in Prague (Czech Republic).
Behind the Russian Chernova the Canadian Caren Cockburn won the bronze medal.
Olympic Champion Alexander Moskalenko crashed in the qualification round, so the Ukrainian Juri Nikutin was the winner in the men's Olymic individual category....
>> All final results:...

4. September 2003
Prague/Czech Republik

Prague, September 5 - 6:
Attractive spectacle offer the top European and world trampolinists from 28 countries, which come to Prague to compete for the points of current World Cup series 2002-2003 on the beginning of September.

Neither acting European and world champions nor the Olympic champions from Sydney 2000 will not absent in the competition and the Prague audience will probably see also the majority of athletes which will compete in the Summer Olympic Games in...

30. August 2003

This weekend in Ostende, Belgium took place theTrampoline World Cup of the international circuit 2003/2004.
It was the second event this year after the 1st WORLD CUP in Paris in the middle of June 2003 and before the coming 3rd WORLD CUP in Prague next weekend (Sep 5 - 6)
The complete tops of the world started there, because these events are last tests in preparation on the World Championships in Hanover, October...