3. July 2003

Kurt Bächler
27th August 1919 – 22nd June 2003
(fig)-- It is with great sadness that we have to inform the International Gymnastics and Trampoline family of the sudden death of our dear friend Kurt Bächler (SUI). Kurt was, and will always be known and remembered as the “Father of Trampolining”.

15. June 2003

The Russian Olympic Trampoline Champion Alexander Moskalenko won the individual category of the first world cup event of the new circuit 2003/04 in Paris this weekend.
With the same points, but on second place came the Japanese Takayuki Kawanishi and than came Dimitri Poliarush (BLR) and German Khnytchev (RUS), also with the same score on third place, only with a difference of 0,1.
The women's Olympic individual category was dominated by the current world champion Anna Dogonadze from...

14. April 2003
Sulzbach/Murr, Germany

The German Trampoline National Team won the friendly meet between Great Britain, France and Denmark in the Svabian city Sulzbach Murr.
350 visitors saw the German victories in men's and women's categories.
The German Henrik Stehlik won the individual men's event together with the French Sebastian Lafia.
Claire Wright was the winner of the women's event, on second place came the world champion Anna Dogonadze from Germany.
because some injuries the Danish team started with three...

8. April 2003

Coming Saturday, April 12 four national teams will meet in Salzbach/Murr (Svabian, Germany):
Denmark, France, Great Britain and host Germany...

20. March 2003
Moutier, Athens, SUI/GRE

In Athens, Friday, March 19, the FIG executed the 'Drawing of Lots' for all gymmnastics disciplines at the Olympic Games, also for men's and women's trampoline competions.
The FIG acknowledged also the different wild card invitations...