6. March 2003
Moutier/ Switzerland

The FIG pronounced, that Mads Serejoe Jorgensen, the Danish Trampoline athlete who was injured in a bad fall last February 19 during training in Canada, underwent an operation on his cervical vertebrae and since he is recovering quite gradually. His medical transfer to his country is now possible.
Because of the tretraplegy, it is unfortunately too early to make any speculation regarding the little hope that he will ever be able to regain movement in his upper body.

21. February 2003

Danish trampolinist, Mads Sejeroe Jorgensen suffered a serious neck injury on February 19 when he misjudged the opening of a skill and landed on his neck at the Skyriders Trampoline Place in Toronto. He was treated immediately and transported to Sunny Brook hospital where he was diagnosed with a severed C5 spinal injury.
Mads Sejeroe Jorgensen is a member of the Danish Trampoline National Team. He was in Toronto with his personal and team coach and teammates for training.

31. January 2003
Moutier / Schweiz

An African First for the FIG
The FIG has set and officially announced the date for the Trampoline World Cup Final in Algiers (ALG). Competitions will take place on December 02, 2004, at the Hac?ne Harcha Sports Complex, located in the downtown area.

13. January 2003
fig: Paris/Moutier

Each year, the International Committee for Fair Play (CIFP) awards trophies to those who have honoured sports practise by their exemplary conduct.
The FIG, Trampoline and, most importantly, Olympic and All-around World Champion Irina KARAVAEVA from Russia figure among recipients for the 2002 edition.

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12. December 2002

dtb-online: Tina Ludwig, eine der erfolgreichsten deutschen Trampolinturnerinnen, hat offiziell ihren Rücktritt vom internationalen Wettkampfsport bekannt gegeben. In einem Schreiben an den DTB-Sportdirektor Wolfgang Willam begründet die 27-Jährige ihren Entschluss damit, dass sie aufgrund ihrer beruflichen Anforderungen nicht mehr in der Lage sei, den Aufgaben des internationalen Leistungssportes gerecht zu werden.....