28. August 2004
Sports Acrobatics

Kurt Becker from Pfungstadt (Germany) - who has been the president of the International Federation for Sports Acrobatics (IFSA) since 1978 - and since 2000 Vice- president if of the Sports Acrobatics Technical Committee in the FIG - doesn't want to run for office again for age reasons.
The FIG congress will take place in Antalya in October 2004. For 26 years Becker has been the sole German representative in international sports acrobatics committees. Mainly he took care of...

21. June 2004
Moutier / Switzerland
Sports Acrobatics

FIG ACRO Newsletter ...
After the successfully organisation of the 19th World Championships and the 3rd World Age Group Games 2004,
the President of the Technical Committee Sports Acrobatics, Mrs. Patricia Wade publishes the

>> FIG Newsletter No. 23 / 2004

23. May 2004
Lievin / France
Sports Acrobatics

The 19th World Championships of Sports Acrobatics took place in the French city Li?vin from May, 21 to 23.
Seven of the participating nations started in all of the five disciplines, further four countries started in four categories. Top favourite was without doubt Russia: All together 14 of the 16 gold medals went to this top nation!
From May 18 - 20 the 'World Age Group Games held also in Li?vin in the age categories 11 to 16...

4. March 2004
Moscow / Russia
Sports Acrobatics

Yuri Zolotov, the President of Russian Sports Acrobatics Federation passed away on March 3, 2004.
The death of Yuri Zolotov became a tragic news for every acrobat in Russia and in the World without exception.
He was the Honoured Master of Sports, 4 times World Champion, including the 1st Sports Acrobatics World Championships in 1974, the World Cup Winner, the winner of numerous international awards and titles, and he was also a very warm-hearted personality....

19. February 2004
San Juan / Puerto Rico
Sports Acrobatics

The Gymnastics Federation of Puerto Rico invites to the 9th INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ACRO FESTIVAL, which will held 2004, from July 28th to August 6th in San Juan.
The federation of Puerto Rico was also the organizer of the artistic world champs 1996.
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