10. February 2003
Sports Acrobatics

The German Men's group of sports acrobatics is qualified in th official FIG world ranking list for the 1st World Cup Final, which will take place in Krasnodar in 2003, April 11-12.

Jens Quitte / Volker Jaumann / Steffen Entenmann / Markus Steiniger
just came back from a special training camp in Zielona Gora last weekend, the host of the coming European Championships this year.

5. January 2003
Sports Acrobatics

One of the most successful German sports acrobats, Cornelia NIENY from Schwerin ( former from Rostock-Warnemuende) declared her retierement from top sport. The German Sports Acrobatics Federation DSAB said good-bye at the last German Team Championships at the end of 2002.
From now on Cornelia NIENY will work as a judge of sports acrobatics...

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26. April 2002
Sports Acrobatics

From Friday on to Sunday last weekend took place the 3rd INTERNATIONAL ACRO CUP of Sports Acrobatics in the village of Albershausen, near Stuttgart, Germany.
Almost the complete top athletes from all around the world came to this international tournament, among of them the Russian three times world champions, the women pair and more...
The Russian men's group celebrated exercises on a very high level of difficulty with a new world record....!
The Acro Cup finished at...