19. February 2004
San Juan / Puerto Rico
Sports Acrobatics

The Gymnastics Federation of Puerto Rico invites to the 9th INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ACRO FESTIVAL, which will held 2004, from July 28th to August 6th in San Juan.
The federation of Puerto Rico was also the organizer of the artistic world champs 1996.
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9. November 2003
Zielona Gora / Polen
Sports Acrobatics

It was absolutly not a surprise, that Russia was the most successful nation of these 21st European Championships of Sports Acrobatics, again.

The Russian athletes won the team competition and also all the five final disciplines of senior categories.

with one silver and two bronze medals and Portugal (1 bronze) were the only Westeuropean nations, winning medals in Zielona Gora (POL).
All the other were won by the eastern European federations...

8. November 2003
Zielona Gora / Polen
Sports Acrobatics

The European Team-Champion gold medal was awarded to the Russians. Silver medal gone to the Ukraine and after a hard fight, the team from Portugal won bronze. For the last chance to get the qualification for the finals nobody could surprise the spectators. The polish Women’s Trio fights herself with an excellent performed Third Exercise in the finals, although they nearly was been out, because of a breakdown by one pyramid in the balance exercise.

7. November 2003
Zielona Gora / Polen
Sports Acrobatics

Seniors, second day
The hardest fight, followed by the spectators, is to be seen between the Ukraine’s and the Russians Men’s Four.
With the less of a few 0,1 points are the Russians in front. All the other disciplines are dominated by the Russians also in the Juniors categories. At the following places, Portugal has a very tough team so that they can reach the finals in all disciplines.
At the team final tomorrow would Russia...

5. November 2003
Zielona Gora/Poland
Sports Acrobatics

The 21st European Championship for seniors and the 5th European Championship for juniors in acrobatic gymnastics will be held in Zielona Gora / POL from November 6th to 9th 2003. It will be the first time that both Championships will be organised together. 11 (seniors) respectively 15 (juniors) nations will participate.

Nearly 200 gymnasts representing 17 countries will participate in these 21st European Championships in acrobatic gymnastics. The competitions will include the categories Women's Pairs, Men's Pairs, Mixed...