2. December 2012
Gran Canaria, Spain

This time, the traditional BLUME Festival 2012 in the multi-purpose hall "Juan Beltran" the island's capital, Las Palmas was brought to an atmospheric finale.

In particular ran again many Spanish groups to a great form and presented the variety of design options and the sporting life on the islands of the Canaries.

Always finds the integration of the mentally and physically disabled persons its reflection in the festival week, which make much of the appeal of sports, education and integration into a life worth living.

1. December 2012
Gran Canaria, Spain

For the first time in the history lasting more than half a century HIKING added this year as a new program offering as part of the 52nd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival. It is surprising really that this is happening in the fascinating landscape only now.
To the Canary Blume organizers had brought a real professional on board: Rolf Zimmermann , in his "Representative for hiking" in German Gymnastics Federation ( DTB) and for over 20 years closely connected with hiking - a true professional  - so in the hands again and the preparation for the migration offer the International German Gymnastics Festival 2013 is located in the Rhine - Neckar area.
"A good preparation is an indispensable for demanding hikes, especially in the previously unknown territory, like the Lavainsel Gran Canaria," the migrant professional carpenter. After all, it's going up to heights of 2,000 meters, which implies unconditional of the meteorological and weather conditions. Remote paved roads and streets is of course suitable hiking footwear is as important ...

29. November 2012
Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

In the middle of turbulent and full-action of the BLUME Festival, not as solists, but as members of their vational clubs, we discoverd two former gym-stars from Switzerland and from Germany, who realized their personal Blume Gran Canaria Festival premiere:

<<  More in the background we discoverd the 37-years old Dieter "Didi" REHM, who was the only one Swiss Olympic Finalist 2000 in Sydney among the top eight on vault and highbar ...

<< Costumed and dressed as an African Zebra the Olympic silver medallist from 1988 (Seoul) on uneven bars, Dagmar KERSTEN, from the bronze GDR team, experiences her BLUME Festival premiere in full-action with her team from the club TB Oldenburg and celebrated on the Island of eternal spring wonderful aesthetic performances....

27. November 2012
Ingenio, Gran Canaria

In addition to the performances of the delegations from 10 European countries, particularly in the UK, the Scandinavian countries and also from Germany, which can be admired at the nightly shows at the JUMBO Center of Maspalomas, of course, the mass of thousands of active subscribers of the BLUME-Festivals be composed of the numerous groups of all Canary Islands, on stages and in gyms on the island underway:
Everywhere in physical education throughout the year or in the numerous clubs and programs are rehearsed content, which may be performed by the best of schools and clubs to the festival week every year.

<< It is a big honor and a special distinction at the same time for the participants to be able to present themselves at  "BLUME", as the young ladies of the Aerobic & Gymnastic Club Alltau Juvenil Las Huesas out of  the second largest town of Gran Canaria, from Telde ...

25. November 2012
Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

With a bright and colorful show on this Sunday evening at the Jumbo shopping center holiday resort Maspalomas the 52nd BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2012 was officially opened. 
Hundreds of spectators crowded the stands and formed an inspiring backdrop. Surrounded by a pre-Christmas bustle of the market, under a Christmas tree - but  with over 20 degrees Celsius - decorated guest bands from 10 different European countries in the mix with Canarian groups and folklore ensemble of Canarian main island a big show, which kicks off a series of events which, held at various island locations in the coming week will be ...

<< Danish Girls with a rousing Can Can (photo, left)
were also there, including a thrilling formation of Oldenburg (Germany), the attention with its futuristic costumes already in the crosswalk "Rendezvous of the Best' in Germany was, and they got a prompt invitation to "BLUME" festival ...


23. November 2012
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

On the first day of the 52. BLUME Gran Canaria Festival 2012 took place the 13th International TeamGym Tournament.

<< In the sportshall of the University of Las Palmas, the capitel of the Gran Canaria Island the senior team of the Swedish "SOL-Flickorna GF" (< photo, left) won with a score of 44,25 points, in front of the second placed Crewe & Nantwich Gym Club from Great Britain, scoring 43,40 points.

In the junior category also the same British equipe was the best (46,70), beating the team from the sports gymnasium of Dornbirn (Austria; 39,95).

There was a great rejoicing in the University Hall on Las Palmas, as the trio of the local Club of "San Jose Dominica" defeated the Austrian counterparts from the Sports Gymnasium of Dornbirn ...

23. November 2012
Cran Canaria, Spain

Today starts the 52nd International Sports Festival "BLUME - GRAN CANARIA 2012" - dated from November 23 to December 1st on the Spanish island of the "eternal spring" of Gran Canaria. First guests arrived already, specially the participants of the TeamGym competition...!

... because the first event will be on Friday, Nov 23:  the 13th TeamGym competition, which will held on the campus of the University of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria/ESP).

The cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Agüimes, Arucas, Ingenio, Maspalomas, Mogán, Telde and Tafira offer opportunities for the organization of events in halls.
The open-air demonstrations will take place on the beach of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Canteras, in the park of Santa Catalina, in the swimming pool Julio Navarro and the popular shopping centers Yumbo in Maspalomas at the Southern part of the island.

Up of international high-profile editors, again, the versatile workshops will be organized by the festival participants received each year with enthusiasm ...

A varied program of gymnastics guests from all over the world, the head of Organazing Comittee Jesus Telo and his team have prepared ...:

7. July 2012
Riccione, Italy

With a colorful and breathtakingly and beautiful closing ceremony ended some stirring days of the 11th Edition of the "Festival of the Sun 2012" in Riccione, Italy, near Rimini.
Even on the last day there were many places and events group stage performances and programs of the participants from many countries that had a big public appearance.
The focus of this 11th Festivals were but - apart from the diversity of creative movement -  the meetings of the representatives of active and dynamic European youth.
This Festival del Sole - one of the founding member of the community "European GYM-festival" (EGF),  is a living example of cultural integration of the continent, too,  especially in times of economic crisis reports ...

3. July 2012
Berlin, Germany

From July 2 to 3 were representatives of general sports and composed of gymnastics federations from 19 different  European countries in the Berlin hotel "Sylter Hof" for a so called kick-off meeting of a landmark European campaign:
By the year 2020 will be brought +100 million more Europeans "in motion" to regular sports or other types being moved activate.
This initiative is initiated and led by the "International Sport and Culture Association" (ISCA), whose president, the Dane, Mogens KIRKEBY it gave detailed information about the start action:
With a pan-European "MOVE WEEK" ( - first week in October 2012) as a first step, the prelude to complete.

This one had met in Berlin with creative media expertise to a discussion board, which includes the EGF-founding member of the "Festival BLUME Gran Canaria" and the European Gymnastics Service "GYMmedia INTERNATIONAL" included ...