2. December 2013
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The 53 GYM Festival BLUME Gran Canaria in 2013 finished with a five-digit record number of foreign visitors! There were new competitions in the colorful program and the participation by thousands of participants of the Canary Islands themselves - from young to old - and the integration of athletic and cultural programs in the everyday life of the population was impressive and can be an example for the whole of Europe!
In a GYMmedia exclusive interview BLUME-OC chief Jesus TELO Rodriguez saw this as a first result of the successful cross-linking by the community of interests of the "European GYM Festival" (EGF), whose founding members include the Spanish BLUME organizers as well as the Svabian. Gymnastics Federation and the Italian "Festival del Sole".

30. November 2013
Las Palmas

After TeamGym and the first International Tournament in Rhythmic Gymnastics Group, the organizers of the 53rd GYM Festival BLUME Gran Canaria 2013, first announced in an Internationl gymnastics tournament. Accepted the invitation were four different club representatives from Colmar (France, Elite, Juniors, Youth) of men and women, as well as Spanish representative in the Canary Islands, the other in the gym of the "Colegio San José Dominica" the island's capital, Las Palmas on the final day of the Festival met.

29. November 2013
Las Palmas

 BLUME GRAN CANARIA as a guest in Hospital San Juan de Dios.
The International Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA cooperates again with the Hospital
San Juan de Dios. The institution of the religious order situated in the south of Las Palmas de
Gran Canaria hosted a performance with international participants of the festival this monday.
The international teams executed the programme together with groups of two Gran Canarian
institutions that take care of people with disabilities.

28. November 2013
Las Palman

For the first time at BLUME Festival took place also a top international sports competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics (groups), which was won by the German Group Master, the formation of "SKC TABEA" Halle / Sa. (GER) on Friday night in the central Sportshall of the island's capital, Las Palmas: Both the addition of the points in the all-around, but also with the 10 clubs, and with 3 balls / 2 ribbons. The German group was significantly superior to their opponents from France and Spain.
The organizers began now in 2013 an international tournament tradition and had to premiere the respective groups invited in person at their national championships. This took a total of five formations, and in addition two junior groups of the Canary Islands, where the Rhythmic Gymnastics is operated in many centers at a high level. No wonder, the current world champion group (ball / bands) the last World Cup in Kiev comes from mainland Spain!

27. November 2013
Gran Canaria

INTERNATIONALITY - from the beginning on!
 Since the BLUME Festival was founded, since the beginning of the Sixties, the founder of this tradition "Canarian father of gymnastics" Jesus Telo Nuñez, died in 2008 put on worth worth internationality: For example, the some former top European gymnasts were here like the 5-time Olympian of Luxembourg, Josef Stoffel or the British Vice-European Champion on floor Nik Stuart as the first special festival guests. They all were at that time companions of 4-times the Spanish Gymnastics European Master Joaquin BLUME, after his tragic plane crash that Festival was named "BLUME Gran Canaria".

25. November 2013

For nearly a decade, a diverse program of workshops is part of the BLUME festival program. From the beginning, this was in the hands of the German gymnastics expert Baerbel Schoettler, who  was also for many years the DTB administrative receiver for "Seniors", tat means for the elderly part of members in the German Gymnastics Federation. Extensive preparation and logistics is necessary therefore to activate the relevant specialists and lecturers instructors from different countries and make them do the right time, the right place at the right things. It is also on site, the scattered event locations well to combine: bus transfers and hall times, content, daily routines, to the special needs of participants and groups from many countries because it is considered to be coordinated.
 A Herculean task.!

24. November 2013

An enthusiastic backdrop celebrated at Sunday evening in the comercial center of the tourist city Maspalomas of the Canary South the opening Gala of the 53rd Gym Festival "BLUME Gran Canaria 2013". In the area of the shopping center "Jumbo" came 15 groups from 7 different countries and the celebrated an emotional and dynamic climax.
Dances of several peoples and folklore of the Canary Islands, alternated with dancers from Lithuania, acrobatics from Denmark, rope skippers from Austria, Rock'n Roll from Bavaria and acrobats from the UK. The whole variety of Gymnastics disciplinen was presented in sections, which will then celebrate in the following days, more detail on many stages and places as well as in sports halls of this Island of eternal spring ...

24. November 2013
Gran Canaria

700 participants at the Judo Tournament in Tamaraceite
The sport of Judo is since 9 years part of the programme of the BLUME-Festival.
 Last Saturday the sports hall in Tamaraceite was dominated by the color white. About 700 judokas participated there at the IX. Judo Tournament 2013, which was a part of the International GYM Festival BLUME GRAN CANARIA. Clubs from ten of the 21 municipalities of Gran Canaria joined the tournament, that the Judo Club Tama had organized. Rodolfo Hernandez was pleased with the good response. The President of the Judo Club Tama has contributed to the fact that the martial arts judo is now an integral part of the BLUME-Festival. "Judo is a popular sport on the island," said Jesús Telo Rodriguez, Head of the Organization Comitee of the festival. "Our festival is a sport-for-all festival. We liked judo to be integrated to further promote the sport. "

24. November 2013
Playa del Ingles

Directly in front of the BLUMEFestival Hotel "Beverly Park" on the beach of Playa del Ingles, on the Southern tip of Gran Canaria with the first rays of the just rising sun on their faces, the festival participants do everything possible to let the sun in also their souls.
'Qigong' is the so called Chinese meditation, concentration and movement therapy, for which one can hardly imagine a better place than here on the Atlantic.
This is just one of the many offerings here at the "Festival with Heart", which will be even more accepted daily in the course of the event week. But even today, the main day of arrival, the first prospective've been active shortly after 7.30 clock in the morning ...

22. November 2013
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The 5th and last event of the team discipline "TeamGym" in this year's series of "International TeamGymCups 2013" will take place today in the gymnasium of the University of Las Palmas.  For over half a decade this discipline is done as part of the "BLUME Gran Canaria Festivals" which has been completed and lately also by some international competition formats.
The response this year is huge: A total of 22 groups in the junior and elite categories from 5 countries are involved.
It is striking that these, especially popular and widely spread competitive discipline for teams, slowly diffused across the Scandinavian countries, but now is accepted also in Central Europe.
* These were the previous stops of the European TeamGym Circuit 2013 :
- ... last in Bracknell (GBR), in front of Cesenatico (ITA), Viernheim (GER) and Dornbirn (AUT).