17. November 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics' longtime chief operating officer Ron Galimore has resigned,

USA Gymnastics published yesterday, that it's longtime chief operating officer has resigned, the organization, becoming the latest in a string of top officials to leave the sport's national governing body after a sex abuse ...

16. November 2018
St. Petersburg

26th Trampoline World Age Group Competitions 2018

Following the 33rd TRAMPOLINE World Championships 2018 in Saint Petersburg now from 15 to 18 November, the so-called "World Age Group Competitions" (WAGC) in the trampoline disciplines, which are something like the ...

16. November 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

UKraine won Juniors Prologue of SWISS Cups 2018

The National Youth Team (U 16) of UKRAINE won on Friday traditionally competition held in the run-up to the Swiss Cup against ITALY, host SWITZERLAND and against BELGIUM with these scores: 233,300 ...

10. November 2018
St. Petersburg


After Sofia 2017, the 33rd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in TRAMPOLINE& TUMBLING took place from 07 to 10 November 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
World and Olympic champions in history, Irina KARAVAEA ...

3. November 2018
Artistic Gymnastics


The 48th MEN's Artistic Gymnastics World Championships and the 39th WOMEN's WORLD's took place in the Aspire Dome of Doha (QAT) ...

1. November 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 5th International ZAG-Junior-Cup 2018

It's amazing that the International ZAG Junior Cup has firmly established itself in the international competition calendar after only half a decade!
The 5th edition will take place again in ...

30. October 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

*GYMmedia Job Exchange: Job Offers in Switzerland & Sweden

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE (Job Boerse) as most efficient form ...

21. October 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

Pianist Rostislav Krimer becomes 2nd European Games Star Ambassador

<< The Belarussian classical pianist and conductor Rostislav KRIMER became the 8th Star Ambassador of the 2nd European Games Minsk 2019.
The ceremonial presentation was made within the 13th Yuri Bashmet International ...

20. October 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

100 years of Czech and Slovak history of gymnastics

This month, the Czech and Slovakian Gymnastics community is looking back on the 100th anniversary of the former Czechoslovak Republic, and today's Slovak Gymnastics Federation, together with the Czech Federation, celebrated its 100th ...

20. October 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

12th Europeans of TeamGym 2018

* UEG informs--: From October17 to 20 the Multiusos of Odivelas, close to the Portuguese capital Lisbon, will be the place-to-be for all TeamGym fans. 52 teams from 16 countries competed, a record participation ...

14. October 2018
Buenos Aires
Artistic Gymnastics

3rd Youth Olympic Games 2018

From October 06 - 18 the 3rd Youth Olympic Games 2018 take place in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. For the Olympic gymnastics disciplines Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics but also Acrobatic ...

10. October 2018
Buenos Aires
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG President Morinari Watanabe elected as IOC Member

During the 133rd Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FIG President Morinari Watanabe was elected and sworn in as new IOC Member. His membership is linked to his function within an International ...

6. October 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

Slovenia wins the Leverkusen Cup for the first time

 Slovenia ahead England and Germany -

 ... that was the order of the 43rd International Leverkusen Cup 2018 in the Ostermann Arena of Leverkusen (GER).
Gymnasts from seven nations offered 1,500 spectators ...

30. September 2018
FIG Circuit 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

2018 FIG WORLD Challenge Cups, All

After Challenge Cup No. 6 (Guimarães (POR), the  No 7 in July in Mersin/TUR, the No. 8 in September from, 21 - 23 in Szombathely/HUN, followed now in Paris/FRA the N0.9 event ...

16. September 2018
Rhythmic Gymnastics

36th World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018

More than 350 gymnasts from 60 different nations took part at the 2018 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships this month in Sofia (BUL), where competition begun on Monday, Sep 10 and finished with the ...

14. September 2018
Rhythmic Gymnastics

FIG President Watanabe discussed the future of Rhythmic Gymnastics

* fig - n e w s---: International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Morinari Watanabe led a roundtable discussion at the 2018 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Sofia (BUL) to address key ...

1. September 2018
Wheel Gymnastics

2019 Japan will host the very first Wheel Gymnastics World Cup event

The International Wheel Gymnastics Association (IRV) announced, that the best four teams from the 2018 World Championships (Magglingen/SUI) will meet 2019, April 21 in Akita, in the North of Japan to ...

27. August 2018
Rhythmic Gymnastics

FIG Challenge Cups Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018

After the fourth and last FIG World Cup Event in Baku, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) started its first of four so-called "Challenge Cups" of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

19. August 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

Simone Biles won all the five national Titles!

Olympic champion Simone Biles (USA) compiled the highest score in the world this year when she piled up 60.100 points (!) on the first night of the U.S. women's gymnastics championship in ...
17. August 2018
St. Petersburg
Artistic Gymnastics

Olympic Champion Elena Shushunova Passed Away

Elena SHUSHUNOVA, a Soviet gymnast who won the women's all-around gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, has died. She was 49. The Russian Gymnastics Federation ...

12. August 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

40th MEN's EUROPEANS of Artistic Gymnastics

Russian gymnast with sovereign hat-trick

For the 40th time since its premiere in Frankfurt / Main in 1955, Europe's gymnasts meet for their European Championships in the Hydro-Arena in Glasgow - ...

7. August 2018

Third Trampoline World Cup in Japan: Chinese Dominance

* fig-press ---: China's Gao Lei, the reigning World Champion, and compatriot Zhu Xueying flipped to first place in men’s and women’s Trampoline in Maebashi (JPN), the penultimate stage of the ...

5. August 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

39th EUROPEANS of WOMEN's Artistic Gymnastics 2018

At the 1st European Championships as a multisport event - the 39th Women's continental championships of artistic gymnastics - RUSSIA succeeded in defending the title in the team final in the Glasgow’s ...

30. July 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

ECh Artistic Gymnastics -for the first time in the multi-sports event of the 1st European Championships

The first 2018 European Championships as  a multi-sports event will involve seven sports and will take place from 02 to 12 August 2018 in the Scottish city of Glasgow (United Kingdom) and in ...

21. July 2018
Happy Gym.

1st European Gym for Life Challenge 2018

In the hot summer of 2018, from July 14 to 20, thousands of gymnasts coloured the streets of the Belgian city of Liege!
The European Gymnatics Federation (UEG) hosted, in cooperation with the ...

21. July 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

Men's Team Germany won its meet in front of Great Britain, France and Switzerland

A few days before the beginning of the 40th Men's European Championships, the German men's team of artistic gymnastics won a four-country meet with 251,700 points in front of the teams from Great ...

22. June 2018
Happy Gym.

Finish Group 'Lost Boys" won Tickets for BLUME-Festival 2018

At the 2018 Suomi GYM Festival 2018 in Turku, Finland, the men's group "KadonneetPojat", which means "Lost Boys", was awarded a trip to the 58th BLUME GRAN CANARIA festival after their ...

3. June 2018
Guimarães (POR)
Sport Aerobics


In the 25th anniversary of the AEROBIC competition discipline, the 15th AEROBIC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 take place in Guimarães, Portugal.
From June 01 to 03, more than 280 athletes from 35 ...

3. June 2018
Rhythmic Gymnastics

34th Europeans of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018

For the 34th time, the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) invited to its Continental Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2018. For this purpose, the 24 best gymnasts of last year's European Championships were qualified, ...

12. May 2018
Wheel Gymnastics

13th Wheel Gymnastic World Championships finished

For the third time, Switzerland hosted a World Championship of Wheel Gymnastics..
After 2001 in Liestal and 2009 in Baar, the 2018 the 13th  Wheel Worlds 2018 took place place from ...

30. April 2018
World Cup Events
Rhythmic Gymnastics

F.I.G. 2018 World Cup & Challenge Cup Circuit Rhythmic Gymnastics

In the year of the 36th World Championships of Rhythmic Gymnastics, the F.I.G. organizes total of 4 A-World Cups and in the second half of the year another 4 so-called World Challenge ...

28. April 2018
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG Worlds Ambassadors 2018

In March 2018 the International Gymnastics Federation introduces the Gymnastics Ambassadors for all the 2018 World Championships.
The F.I.G. is pleased to announce the nine champions who will be the Gymnastics Ambassadors ...

15. April 2018

26th European Championships TRAMPOLINE 2018

From Thursday April 12 to Sunday April 15, Europe’s best junior and senior athletes met in the Azerbaijani capital Baku to the 26th European Championships 2018 in Trampoline Gymnastics, compete against themselves and ...

3. March 2018

Innovation in Trampoline: A newTeam-All-around Competition

FIG--: The next Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in St. Petersburg (RUS), from 7 to 10 November 2018, will provide the opportunity to test a new event, a team All-around competition combining Individual Trampoline, ...

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