18. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

*GYMmedia Job Exchange: Switzerland is seeking for coaches

The GYMmedia JOB EXCHANGE (Job Boerse) as most efficient form of Job search in the field of Gymnastics disciplines, has an European and ...

14. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Oldest German Olympian Hans Pfann celebrates his 100th Birthday

Today Hans PFANN from Bavaria in Germany celebrates his 100th birthday as the oldest German olympian!
Hans Pfann represented the team of Western Germany (FRG) at two editions of the Olympics: 1952 ...

13. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

*PREVIEW: 7th International ZAG-Junior-Cup 2020

TuS Vinnhorst sets signs of Motivation:

After Lower Saxony's artistic gymnasts from TuS Vinnhorst have laid a successful track for young gymnasts with the "International ZAG Junior Cup" in recent years, they ...

12. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

The Gymnastics Ethics Foundation publishes its first annual report

* f i g --: The Gymnastics Ethics Foundation (GEF) was founded in January 2019 by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), the world governing body for the sport of gymnastics with 148 ...

9. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

2020 FIG World Challenge Cup Circuit

* f i g - -: Following an unprecedented interruption of nearly six months due to COVID-19, Gymnastics competition is set to resume with the FIG World Challenge Cup Series in Artistic Gymnastics 2-4 ...

2. September 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Nina BOCHAROVA, the first Ukrainian Olympic Champion died with 95

Nina BOCHAROVA, first Olympic balance beam champion, died at 95 on August 29.
The born Ukrainian Nina BOCHAROVA, who won the first Olympic ...

24. August 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Corona also prevents the 45th Leverkusen Cup 2020

For the first time since its premiere 44 years ago, the traditional International Leverkusen Cup will not take place this year!
Originally planned for October 3, the German organizers of the Turn-Club ...

20. July 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG Challenge Cup "Turnier der Meister" canceled

* Press Release, Cottbus / GER --: Due to the worldwide development of the coronavirus pandemic, the "International Tournament of Masters" (Turnier der Meister) - planned for late November in Cottbus - ...

20. July 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Mikolaj Kubica, one of the legendary Polish brother trio of the Sixties passed away ...

Informed from his family we are very sad to report, that yesterday, on July 19, the middle of the three Polish gymnastics brothers, Mikolaj KUBICA, died ...

17. July 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

German All-round champion Andreas Toba injured . . .

Germany's gymnast of the year 2019, Andreas TOBA (29) from the TK Hanover, suffered a tear in the right ankle joint syndrome band at the first training camp of the gymnastics team Germany ...

7. July 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Denmark withdraws from hosting the 2021 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

* f i g---: The Danish Gymnastics Federation has informed the FIG of its withdrawal from hosting the 50th World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, due to be held in Copenhagen in October 2021. The FIG Executive ...

4. July 2020
Bergisch Gladbach
Artistic Gymnastics

German Head Coach Ulla KOCH celebrates 65th Birthday!

Ulla KOCH, who has been the German gymnastics head coach for women for 15 years, is celebrating her 65th birthday on Sunday, July 5th.
Because of the corona-related Olympic postponement, she had ...

19. June 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

European Championships 2022 in Munich

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Olympics, the Munich Olympic Park is to experience the 2022 European Championships as a multiple sports event like Glasgow 2018. A ...

11. June 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Morinari WATANABE: "Gymnastics flourishes in diversity"

* f i g : -- In an open letter to the worldwide gymnastics family, FIG President Morinari WATANABE (JPN) describes his basic attitude and that of the World Gymnastics Federation (FIG) on ...

7. June 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

USA Worlds Goldmedalist Kurt Thomas passed away ...!

With sadness, the US Gymnastics Federation share the passing of 1976 Olympian and three-time World gold medalist Kurt THOMAS on June 5, at the age of ...

4. June 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

European Gymnastics: New Dates for European Top Events 2020/21

*E G --: In cooperation with the Local Organising Committees and in view of the current Covid-19 situation across Europe, the Executive Committee of European Gymnastics agreed with the new date proposals for ...

1. June 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Slovakian Gymnastics Professor Anton Gajdos turns 80

One of the most ardent representatives of national and international gymnastics, the Slovakian gymnastics professor Anton Gajdoš, is celebrating his 80th birthday in his hometown Bratislava today.
Born in 1940 in ...

14. May 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Czech Coach Miroslav ZITKO passed away ...

At the age of 93 in our neighboring country, the Czech Republic, Miroslav ZITKO, one of the best-known and most successful coaches and officials in ...

13. May 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

COVID-19 also prevents US Nationals this year

The USA Gymnastics Federation has canceled all of its main events planned for 2020, which also affects the national championships in artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline / tumbling. The national Federation Congress ...

7. May 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

New dates set for EYOF Banská Bystrica in 2022

* E O C --: The European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia will now take place from 24 to 30 July 2022 after being brought forward from next ...

3. May 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics suspends coach Haney for eight years

USA Gymnastics has suspended former US Olympic team coach Maggie HANEY (42) for eight years for verbally and emotionally abusing gymnasts she oversaw, the US Media reported this week. Haney, once one of the country’s ...

1. May 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

German National coach Andreas Hirsch resigns

The German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) announced today that the 61-year-old male national head coach Andreas HIRSCH, who has held the position of national coach since 2002, is leaving this position and after almost ...

28. April 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

"HIJ STAAT!" - Holland celebrates its Epke Zonderland and its TV-reporter again

Ik ga helemaal uit mijn dak!"

- ... legendary outcry in Flemish by Holland's TV gymnastics expert Hans van ZETTEN, when the "Flying Dutchman" Epke ...

23. April 2020
Wheel Gymnastics

Premiere: Wheel Gymnastics World Championship title at the German Gymnastics Festival for the first time

The 14th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS of WHEEL GYMNASTICS - planned for the USA in summer 2020 and postponed for one year for corona reasons are now to take place on 2021  May 15, as ...

19. April 2020
Artistic Gymnastics

Former German national coach Dieter Hofmann paassed away

Just five weeks after his 79th birthday, Dieter HO F M A N N, the former German gymnastics coach of the GDR men's Olympic silver team from Seoul in 1988, died on the ...

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