02. June 2023  
Tel Aviv, ISR  
Artistic Gymnastics

2023 FIG World Cup Circuit of Artistic Gymnastics

Once again, the series of FIG World Cup competitions consists exclusively of individual competitions on the individual apparatus.
High-calibre all-around events are no longer planned and are missing from the demanding international competition calendar! A total of 10 World Cups are planned for 2023, started with the "46th Tournament of Champions" in Cottbus (23 - 26 February).
* The FIG World Cup series will now continue - two week after Cottbus and one week after Aspire Dome of Doha / QATnow with the 3rd event in Baku / AZE, follw by the fourth world cup at the end of  April in Cairo  (> M o d u s of qualifying for the WCh in Antwerp), after the European Championships at the beginning of April in Atalya / TUR. Until the World Championships at the end of September (Antwerp) another 6 so-called World Challenge Cups are planned, beginning in Varna / BUL and now in Tel Aviv / ISR ...:

(5) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023   (25. - 28. May)
      Culture & Sports Palace of Varna, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Black Sea Metropole Varna welcomed in the last week of May before Pentecost about 100 gymnasts from 22 countries.
Despite free admission, even on the final days - extremely sparsely occupied spectator traverses in the Palace of Sports and Culture of Varna!!!.

* F I N A L S  (27./28. May 2023)
The Challenge Cup winners on the apparatus are .. :
... on men's side:
- FX:  1. PENEV Eddie                     (BUL) - (5.8) =14,366
- PH: 1. PETROV Matvei                  (ALB) - (6.3) =14,800
- SR: 1. AVETISYAN Artur              (ARM) - (5.9) =14,700
            Detailed Final Results Day 1
- VT:  1. DAVTYAN, Artur           (ARM) - (5.6/5.6) =14,800
- PB: 1. ABDURAKHIMOV Rasuljon  (UZB) - (5.5) =14,233
- HB: 1. HEGEMSNES Sofus         (NOR) - (5.3) = 13,833
            Detailed  Results Final Day 2

* Qualifications (25./26. May 2023)
Men's Day 1 (FX; PH; SR);  ► Men's Day 2 (VT; PB; HB)
  ... on women's side:
- VT:  1. KORENT Tijana           (CRO) - (4.0/4.2) =13,300
- UB: 1. KOVACS Zsofia           (HUN) -      (5.8)  =14,166
- BB: 1. CZIFRA, Lili Bettina     (HUN) -     (5.4)   =13,466
- FX:  1. MIELLE Silane            (FRA) -       (5.0) =12,933
              Detailed Final Results
! - completed final results now, ...  on Wednesday, May 31!
* Qualifications (25./26. Mai 2023)
Women's Day 1+2 (VT; UB; BB; FX)  

+ + +



(2)  FIG WORLD CUP 2023  (March 03)
        TaiShan Tournament in Doha / Qatar

→  Some of the world’s best gymnasts have registered for this year’s event that will be held from March 1-4 with 112 men (MAG) and 42 women (WAG) have already arrived in the Qatari capital.The preparations have been stepped up to host the 15th edition of Artistic Gymnastics World Cup, which Doha hosted for the first time in 2008.On the first two days, the men’s and women’s qualifications will be followed by the finals on March 3 and 4.
* The women's Vault were won by Coline Devillard (FRA), the best gymnast in the preliminary competition, ahead of Rasmussen from Denmark, and Oksana Chusovitina (47) was again third, as in Cottbus.
♦  On uneven bars, the best gymnast from China, Qiu, Qiyuan (CHN), lost with (6.4)= 14.766. The victory went to Anna Lashevska (UKR). Germany's Emma Malewski just missed the final by -0.134 points after a good routine but a fall on her dismount.
♦  On balance beam, Romania's Sabrina Maneca-Voinea, fifth in the preliminaries, increased her difficulty by +0.4 points and won the final with (6.0)=13.733 points ahead of Anna Lashchevska (UKR) and European champion Emma Malewski, who were not able to keep up with her after Emma was still ahead in the qualification.
♦   The Romanian Maneca-Voinea also took the victory on floor after she had already been the best in the qualification. Lea Quaas from Qhemnitz failed to reach the final in 12th place.
 * * *


Qualification: VT UB BB FX

+ + +
In the men's floor final (- without German participation) the best gymnast in the preliminaries and favourite Dolgopyat did not compete. So Carlos Edriel Yulo prevailed with the highest score of 14.833.
On pommel horse Nariman Kurbanov (KAZ) - the third from Cottbus - confirmed his qualification lead with the best score of the day of 15.166 (!) ahead of Mc Clenaghan (IRL).
 ♦On the rings Li Yang (CHN) dominated with the best score of the day (15.366) ahead of Adem Asil (TUR). Austria's Vinzenz Höck barely made it into the final in eighth place, but was not convincing there either.
♦ On vault the medal trio offered the difficulties 5.6, but Armenia's Artur Davtyan convinced with dazzling technique and won with 15.03 points just ahead of the closest pursuers Igor Radivilov (UKR) and Carlos Edriel YULO (PHI).
♦ The Philipino had led on parallel bars but was beaten in the final by the Cottbus winner Ilija Kovtun.
♦ On high bar, Yuya Kamoto, Japanese gymnastics and the only finalist, won with a 6.0 routine ahead of former world champion Tin Srbic (CRO) and Ahmed Elmaraghy from Egypt.
RESULTS OVERVIEW   (- Final standing)

Qualification: FX PH SR VT PB HB

  + + +

→  N e x t :
... 6 more World Challenge Cups will follow:

(5) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023   (25. - 27. May)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Warna, Bulgaria

... n e x t :
(6) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023   (01. - 03. June)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Tel Aviv, Israel

... n e x t :
(7) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023  (08. - 10. June)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Osijek, Croatia

... n e x t :
(8) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023  (01. - 03. September)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Mersin, Turkey

.... n e x t :
(9) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023  (08. - 10. September)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Szombathely, Hungary

..... n e x t :
(10) FIG WORLD Challenge CUP 2023  (16. - 18. September)
     "Apparatus World Challenge Cup" in Paris, France