06. October 2023  
Einbeck, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

1st International SENIORS GYM TEAM CUP 2023

With a dignified march-in of the nations, the I. Internationale Turn-Senioren-TEAM-CUP began in Einbeck, Lower Saxony, to which host Germany had invited teams from Japan, the USA and Great Britain. Initiated by the senior international competition premiere of the men's teams of Japan vs. Germany 2022, this competition idea found immediate appeal in the USA and Great Britain through internet coverage on the GYMmedia platforms. It was also sporadically expanded to include the women's teams, so that it was now upgraded to a four-country cup tournament in which active competitors faced each other on Olympic gymnastics apparatus. The GOLDEN AGE GYM-STARS, each from 5 different decades of life (30 - 70+ years), were warmly welcomed by the President of the Lower Saxony Gymnastics Federation (NTB), Heiner Bartling.

Cup Initiator Jens KRUEGER from Tokyo opened the Tournament

* * Last inspiring team contacts before the competition,
    documenting the special team spirit of the Japanese gymnasts:

... and than it started!!!

But before we continue to add to this report (because the World Championships are running in Antwerp at the same time!) a small video of participants should convey the inspiring atmosphere of this event, which already impressed and moved participants and guests at the "March-in of the nations" ..:

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The women's competition was won by a German double top by Silvie WENTZEL (59.100) ahead of Elisabeth ZEIER (58.150).
On rank 3 Vera DEUTSCH (57.000) impressed as the best USA gymnast and in general the German host team presented itself as a united formation. One can also feel the effects of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) conducting German Gymnastics Senior Championships as official national championships with the turn of the millennium, which do not miss their effect in the everyday life of German clubs:

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The senior women's squad of the top gymnastics nation JAPAN presented itself as a very spirited team, which on the one hand performed with the proverbial Japanese politeness, but also with a rousing cheerfulness - but with an equally consistent concentration in the presentation of their choreographies.

In the Japanese squad, Shuko UCHIMURA was the strongest competitor.
(* Photo, front, center) The mother of the world-famous Olympic champion Kohei UCHIMURA and her whole family literally live their sport of apparatus gymnastics at home, as she runs a Japanese gymnastics school as a gymnastics teacher and coach, where "Little Kohei" also started and celebrated his first jumps and somersaults under his mother's influence ...!

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