23. October 2021  
Kitakyushu, JPN  
Artistic Gymnastics

41st WORLDS of Women's Artistic Gymnastics 2021

At the 41st WOMEN's World Gymnastics Championships in 2021 in Kitakyushu, Japan, and eleven years after Aliya Mustafina in Rotterdam, now Angelina MELNOKOWA was again crowned a Russian gymnastics queen in the all-around event. The best in the preliminary round, Olympic and Worlds third at the last World Championships (2019, Stuttgart), also withstood the onslaught of the young American competitors in the final and secured the all-round gold with 56.632 points, especially through the strongest parallel exercise of the day, and relegated Leanne WONG (USA; 56.340 on the silver rank, although the American gymnastics on the beam and floor the highest scores of the day. Also bronze with 54.566 went to Kayla di CELLO, and thus after the resignation of the 5-time series winner Simone Biles, to the top nation USA. Russia's Vladislav Urasova (53,598) came fourth ahead of the Dutch Naomi Visser and the best Chinese Wei, Xiaoyuan (52,699), after Japan's Hitomi Hatakeda missed an injury .

UNEVEN  BARS * Titelhoder Nina DERWAEL (BEL)

In the absence of the Belgian defending champion - apart from the fourth place in the WCh in Stuttgart (2019) A. Melnikova - a completely new parallel bars final field has formed:
  WEI, Xiaoyuan        (CHN) - (6.5) = 14,733
  ANDRADE, Rebeca (BRA)  - (5.9) = 14,633
  LUO, Rui                 (CHN)  - (6.2) = 14,633
     4. MELNIKOVA, Angelina (RFG)    - (6.1) = 14,533
       5. KOVACS, Zsofia            (HUN)    - 6.2) = 14,466
       6. IORIO, Elisa                       (ITA)  - (6.2) = 14,400
       7. URAZOVA, Vladislava    (RGF)  - (6.3) = 14,400
       8. MARTINS, Filipa             (POR) - (6.0) = 14,066

              Detailed Results

* REPORT ... coming soon!

  F L O O R   E X E R C I S E S

Angelina MELNIKOWA and Mai MURAKAMI the two bronze medallists from the Olympic final will certainly fight the hardest for the title on the floor. Murakami was already champion in 2017, Melnikowa last third in Stuttgart - Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee, who were placed in front of her at the time, are not there, but two new ambitious US girls ...
  MURAKAMI, Mai             (JPN)  (5.8) = 14,066 (- Korr. nach Protest!)
  MELNIKOVA, Angelina    (RGF)  (5.6) = 14,000
  WONG, Leanne               (USA)  (5.7) = 13,833
    4. URAZOVA, Vladislava              (RGF)   (5.3)   = 13,700
     5. di CELLO, Kayla                       (USA)    (5.4)   = 13,633
     6. CEPLINSCHI, Maria                (ROU)   (5.2)    = 13,366
     7. BACHYNSKA, Anastasia       (UKR)    (5.1)    = 13,033
     8. HIRAIWA, Yuna                         (JPN)    (5.1)    = 12,133
                Detailed  Results

* REPORT ---: First Angelina Melnikova was still in front of  Mai MURAKAMI - then the rating correction (from D = 5.7 to D = 5.8) and so, after a successful protest, the ex-floor world champions of 2017 won gold again on her best apparaus, beating the Olympic third Melnikova from Russia, a barely visible decision in the hundredths range.
Bronze went to Leanne Wong from the USA. Japan's women crowned their upward development in recent years with 2x gold and 1x bronze as the most successful nation at these World Championships in their homeland!
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