15. April 2024  
Hanover, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 10th International ZAG-Junior-Cup 2024

With the support of its new sponsor Cosmopolitan Aesthetics, the 10th International ZAG Junior Cup will be held in Hanover on June 01/02.
The German Premier League club TuS Vinnhorst, in cooperation with the Lower Saxony Gymnastics Federation (NTB), will be hosting the now well-established international competition for young gymnasts aged 10 to 16 for the tenth time this year. For the third time, it will take place in the newly built Vinnhorst Sports Centre, nearby Hanover which offers a great atmosphere for this gymnastics competition with its 700 seats.
Numerous gymnasts from other European countries, from the most important gymnastics centres in Germany and, of course, from Lower Saxony have already registered to take part.

Most recently, in the previous year (2023)
the youngGerman gymnasts from the GYM Center of Bochum won 9. ZAG-Cup!

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