06. November 2022  
Liverpool, GBR  
Artistic Gymnastics

51st Worlds of MEN's Artistic Gymnastics 2022

The 51st MEN's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS (October 29 - November 06) in Liverpool will be the 15th world title fights of modern artistic gymnastics in the new millennium, where for the 11th time both team world champions will be crowned, as well as the all-around gymnastics king and the apparatus champions will be determined.
Without the gymnasts of Olympic champion and defending team champion Russia, who have been suspended by the World Gymnastics Federation (FIG), the gymnastics world is expecting another Asian duel between 12-time team champion CHINA and the resurgent JAPAN, which last relegated the Chinese to bronze as Olympic silver medalists in Tokyo.
In the absence of the Russian champions of 2018 (Dalaloyan) and 2019 (Nagorni), a new Asian duel for the all-around gymnastics crown is currently in the offing. One expects the exciting world championship revenge between Japan's Olympic champion Daiki Hashimoto and China's Zhang Boheng ...! Whether and to what extent a European athlete will be able to intervene in the medal fight remains to be seen ...
How the medals will be distributed on the individual apparatus in Liverpool depends very much on the form of the day and how the grown multitude of specialists knows how to stage themselves.
* On Wednesday (2. 11.), favorite CHINA was crowned gold gymnastics nation for the 12th time in the men's competition without any danger.

An exciting race to catch up after an uncertain start was rewarded in the end with silver for JAPAN and bronze for host GREAT BRITAIN.
... but the new "King of artistic gymnastics" is a Japanese again: Daiki HASHIMOTO!

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* Monday, October 31:
MEN's Qualification - :
Individually, nobody was better than the experienced Tanigawa, who at 26 is one of his team’s elder statesmen. Well-known for his prowess on Vault, Tanigawa announced himself as an All-Around contender with an overall score of 84.731, narrowly edging Olympic champion Hashimoto and Carlos Yulo (PHI), a wildly talented 22-year-old who seems poised to take the Gymnastics world by storm. Less than 0.1 separated the three on Monday. Hashimoto and Yulo, both of whom fell from the pommel horse, have room to improve. So does Tanigawa, whose vault was not credited with the maximum difficulty he is capable of. Still, “if Hashimoto produces the performance that he can do, I have no chance,” Tanigawa opined. Yulo made up ground with fireworks on Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and Floor Exercise, where he made a thrillingly difficult display look easy. The result was 15.266 points, a full half point higher than any contender.
* Individual All-around (Top ten):
1. Wataru Tanigawa (JPN) - 84,731;  2. Daiki Hashimoto (JPN) - 84,665;
3. Carlos Edriel Yulo (PHI) - 84,664;  4. Joe Fraser          (GBR) - 83,964;
5. Zhang Boheng    (CHN) - 83,766;.  6. Asher Hong        (USA) - 83,299;
7. Joel Plata          (ESP) - 82,799;   8. Brody Malone     (USA) - 82,631;
9. Casimit Schmidt      (NED) - 82,565; 10. Caio Souza        (BRA) - 82,564;
    Detailed Results
* Apparatus results /final qualifiers:
Top qualifiers for apparatus finals included Hashimoto on Horizontal Bar, Tokyo Olympic champion Zou Jingyuan (CHN) on Parallel Bars, and Olympic bronze medallist Artur Davtyan (ARM) on Vault.
Courtney Tulloch (GBR) had the highest score on Still Rings, while Rhys McClenaghan (IRL), aiming to become Ireland’s first World champion in Gymnastics, was the best on Pommel Horse: McClenaghan and Stephen Nedoroscik (USA) achieve the highest scores on pommel horse (15.233 each);

Germany's Nils Dunkel (12th) missed the final by -0.2 points. Lukas Dauser (3) was the only German gymnast to make it on parallel bars, and he will also be the only German gymnast (18th) in the all-around final, but team Germany missed the team final by -0.8 points (9th).

Floor exerc Pommel horse Still rings
Vault;            Parallel bars;     High bar

+ + +

* Sonntag: Gerätefinals Teil II

  V A U L T: Titelholder:Carlos Edriel YULO (PHI)
   * Quali.:

> Start liste Final Day 2

DAVTYAN, Artur        (ARM) - 15,00+15,100 =15,050
YULO, Carlos Edriel  (PHI) - 15,000+14,900 = 14,950
RADIVILOV, Igor      (UKR)  - 14,800+14,666 =14,733
           Detailed Results
►► All VAULT World Champions


  + + +

  H I G H  B A R: Titelholder:  HU Xuwei (CHN)
         * Quali.:
  High bar

Gold on high bar for the USA - not since the victory of Kurt THOMAS in 1979 in Forth Worth. Bronze had already won Brody Malone in Kitakyushu the previous year!

MALONY, Brody       (USA)  - (6.3) =14,800
HASHIMOTO, Daiki  (JPN)  - (6.4) =14,700
MARIANO, Artur       (BRA)  - (6.0) =14,466
           Detailed Results
►► All HIGH BAR World Champions

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  *  Wednesday, 02. 11.  (5.25 - 8.15 pm)
    MEN's TEAM FINAL                 ►► LIVE SCORING

On Wednesday  the first decision of men's WCh will be made in the final of the best 8 teams for the medals in the team competition.
For the first time, not every country could send participants, but had to qualify for limited quota places at the continental championships (> European Championships, Munich).
In the TEAM FINAL only 3 gymnasts per nation and apparatus are allowed - all 3 scores will be included in the result.
In Liverpool it is already about three of the 12 Olympic quota places and of course about the three coveted team medals!
  * * *

A gigantic catch-up of two co-favorites
After the Olympic runner-up Japan had a great start on floor, a huge collapse followed on pommel horse: Kakeru Tanigawa received only 11.000 points after a disastrous pommel horse routine - 6th place was the receipt after the 2nd rotation for the Japanese !
The same happened to the British team: Of all things, their star, European Champion Joe Fraser, also made a mistake on the pommels (10.466) and still after the second rotation the British were in last place with a gap of more than 7 points (!!) behind the now leading Chinese!
China had already taken the lead with the highest rings score from rotation two and underpinned this also on vault with the best score.
However, this was also achieved on this apparatus by the Japanese, who now began a successful race to catch up, followed by the British, who did not show any more weaknesses against the competition.
In the end, CHINA won the team title for the 12th time in history, thus taking revenge for the defeat against JAPAN in the Asian Olympic duel in Tokyo, which was rewarded with bronze last year.
And also the fighting spirit of the BRITISH MEN's TEAM was rewarded with bronze this time, who had already been runners-up in the world championships 7 years ago, but had to settle for the ungrateful 4th place at the 2021 Olympics.
Of all things, on their historically strongest apparatus, the still rings, the Italians (4.) lacked in substance this time and in the end a good point to bronze.
For the USA , who were still close to a medal in 2019 in Stuttgart as fourth, this time floor and high bar turned out to be the executioners - the final mode without strike value forgives nothing - this time "only" 5th place.
On ranks 7 and 8 Brazil and Korea, who could not keep up in the battle of the giants with too many instabilities.


  CHINA                 - 257,858
  JAPAN                 - 253,395
  GREAT BRITAIN  - 247,229
       4. ITALY               - 245,995
       5. U S A               - 245,692
       6. SPAIN              - 244,027
       7. BRAZIL             - 241,362
       8. KOREA             - 232,828

          Detailed Results

*  Men's world championship team balances
After the political change - since 1991, Indianapolis - the World Championship team title has been awarded 16 times so far:
CHINA won now 12x gold of these between 1994 to 2022 alone and only lastly had to admit defeat to RUSSIA in 2019 (Stuttgart), which after the last victory of the USSR (1991), however, only won this one team gold medal, which was followed by the Olympic victory in Tokyo in 2021 - but is currently banned as a belligerent nation by the World Gymnastics Federation.
Only BELARUS (2001) and JAPAN (2015) have ever been crowned team world champions 1x since.
In addition to these 16 gold medals, two-thirds (20 out of 30) of the other medals in the post-1990 era also went to this same World Championship gold quartet.
Only host GREAT BRITAIN (2015) and the USA (2001) were able to celebrate as runners-up in the World Championships.
GERMANY achieved three bronze medals (1991; 2007; 2010), after the GDR men had previously become 1x vice world champion (1989) and 6x bronze medalists.
UKRAINE starts 2022 as a victim of war in the most unfavorable circumstances and was 2x bronze medalist so far (1994; 2001).
Once ROMANIA'S men took the coveted 3rd place (1995).
►►  Historical MEN's WCh TEAM-Balances since 1903.
  * * *
Monday, October 31
 * MEN's Qualification,
A total of 411 players (men + women) from 74 countries won the right to participate.
→ In the qualification, up to 4 gymnasts from each of the 24 eligible nations can compete, whereby the best 3 scores are counted for the protocol.

* Europe: (14): AUT, BEL, ESP, FRA, GBR, GER, HUN, ITA, KAZ, NED,  ROU, SUI, TUR, UKR;
* Amerika    (4): BRA, CAN,  COL, USA,
* Asia- :      (4): KOR, CHN, JPN, TPE,
* Africa -:    (1): EGY;
* Australia: (1): AUS;
   + + +

* Final preliminary Team results:
1. JPN - 260,695;   2.GBR - 252,793;  3.USA - 252,295;
4. CHN - 249,929;  5. ITA  - 247,661;  6. ESP - 245,594;
7. BRA - 245,394;  8. KOR - 244,093; 
     Detailed Results
Visible, dominant position of the Olympic silver medalist Japan, but the Chinese are far from signed off, in the fight for victory or team medals and also the British want - after missed Olympic bronze (4th in Tokyo 2021) and as last 2015 (silver in Glasgow) - back on the medal podium, against which, however, are the US boys, who in the past year already won 2x bronze!
* After Men's qualification the FIG presents a Video summary
   of the top scorer after the preliminaries ...:

For the first time since 1991 an Italian men's team is back in the elite circle of the best 8 nations, which Brazil, Korea and since 2007 also Spain's men have reached again! By - 0.8 points and by 2 mistakes too many, Team Germany missed the team final (9th).
The Swiss men remained below even their own expectations and disappointed with a 20th place - the worst team result in the new millennium. Without any final, their World Championships are already over!

 * * *

  ... next events:
     S C H E D U L E   & RESULTS  > Download Schedule)

* Saturday, 05. 11.:
  - 13.15 - 18.10: Apparatus FINALS, Part 1
            (Men: Floor, Pommel, Rings  //  Women: Vault, Uneven bars)
* Sunday, 06. 11.:
  - 13.15 - 18.10: GApparatus FINALS, Part 2
           (Men: Vault, Parallel bars; High bar  //  Women: Beam, Floor)
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