12. August 2018  
Glasgow, GBR  
Artistic Gymnastics

40th MEN's EUROPEANS of Artistic Gymnastics

Russian gymnast with sovereign hat-trick

For the 40th time since its premiere in Frankfurt / Main in 1955, Europe's gymnasts meet for their European Championships in the Hydro-Arena in Glasgow - for the 12th time (since 1996) it's been about team medals.151 gymnasts from 36 countries compete in the elite competition while 158 junior gymnasts representing 37 Federations competing for continental glory.
One week after the 39th Women's European Championship 2018, the men determined their champions: As expected, RUSSIA clinched the historic 7th gold in the team final (257,260) for the third time in a row, albeit under pressure from Vice World Champion GREAT BRITAIN (253,362), that only on the last round, on the high bar, missed a possible victory by not less than 3 (!) crashes, but in the end could safely cheer for silver, but was the lead to FRANCE at the end almost + 6.5 points! The fourth British team silver, the third in a row! FRANCE win Bronze (246.928) for the third time after 2004 (Ljubljana) and 2010 (Birmingham), and were superior to the German team on floor exercises, the pommel horse, the vault, so that for Germans (243.629), even without the Andreas Bretschneider's fall on the horizontal bar, a medal was never in sight. Switzerland (243,462) came in 5th place up to -0,167 points to Team Germany, behind Spain ranked, courageously turning Turks and Italy in the following places!
* The European Junior Championships started on Friday (August 10) already with a strong and dramatically team competition, which was won by Russian boys, in front of Great Britain. Also the fight for bronze was highly dramatic: With a minimum difference of 0,074 points, Italy won the bronze medal in front of Switzerland! The new European Junior all-around champion came from Italy: Nicolo MOZZATO (80,198) ...
With the apparatus finals these Europeans will be finish on Sunday, August 12 ...

♦♦ European Apparatus Finals

* Sunday, August 12
  F L O O R  E X E R C I S E S  (> S t a r t l i s t )
            * Qu.: > Floor Exerc.;
Cunningham tumbles to gold
A high-level line-up was presented in this first final of the afternoon, on floor. Several spectacular tumbling passes impressed the audience but mistakes proved costly. Russia’s Nikita Nagornyy stepped out of the floor area after his triple, being bumped off the podium by teammate Artur Dalaloyan. Great Britain’s Dominick Cunningham for half off the competition until only the last performer – and top qualifier - Artem Dolgopyat could beat him. Unfortunately for the Israeli as step out of bounds cost him three tenths: Gold medal for an ecstatic Dom Cunningham: "It's crazy - this is what dreams are made of. Last time I was here, I was in the box watching the competition, now I'm on floor, and I've just become European champion. It's been incredible. It's been hard work, it hasn't been easy, even today - we've been waiting around. I knew it was about bringing all our professionalism to the stage."

1. CUNNINGHAM, Dominick  (GBR)  - (6.1) = 14,666
2. DOLGOPYAT, Artem           (ISR)  - (6.4) = 14,466
3. DALALOYAN, Artur            (RUS) - (6.2) = 14,466
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  S T I L L  R I N G S  (> S t a r t l i s t )
            * qu.:> Still Rings;
Four in a row for Petrounias
Having won all major rings title since 2015, European, World and Olympic Champion Eleftherios Petrounias came to Glasgow on a mission: tying Yuri Chechi’s record of four European titles in a row. Competing as the second gymnast, the Greek lord of the rings showed the world that he is still unbeatable. With a score of 15. 466 Petrounias leaves no doubt ... he is not planning to give up his winning streak: "I feel really emotional. It is my fourth title, which is amazing. And also, Glasgow always brings me special feelings. I won my first world title here and now I win again. It is awesome. This means a lot to me." Ibrahim Colak continued a successful Europeans for the Turkish team. With a silver medal he improved on Turkey’s previous best showing when Umit Samiloglu won bronze on high bar. Great Britain’s Courtney Tulloch debuted with his new signature skill to take the bronze medal.

1. PETROUNIAS, Eleftherios  (GRE) - (6.3) = 15,466
2. COLAK, Ibrahim               (TUR)  - (6.2) = 15,100
3. TULLOCH, Courtney         (GBR)  - (6.4) = 15,000
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  P A R A L L E L  B A R S  (> S t a r t l i s t )
            * qu.: > Parallel Bars;
Russia rules on parallel bars
Just like they did in qualifications and in the team final, the Russian gymnasts showed off their style and class on parallel bars. Top qualifier David Belyavskiy lost some marks in execution, leaving the door open for this teammate Artur Dalaloyan who was the only gymnast to score over 9 points in execution. Gold and silver for Russia and the fourth medal for Dalaloyan, the third gold one: "It wasn't easy for me because two years ago I wasn't a part of the main Russian team. Back then I was a boy and not a man. I now feel as though I have grown up and have an understanding of what I want to get from gymnastics. We get money and we get medals, so I've changed my mindset and now I'm a champion." Switzerland’s Oliver Hegi earned the bronze medal while Germany’s Nils Dunkel finished fourth.
1. DALALOYAN, Artur  (RUS)  - (6.4) = 15,433
2. BELYAVSKI, David   (RUS)  - (6.4) = 15,166
3. HEGI, Oliver             (SUI)  - (6.1) = 14,633
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