26. May 2024  
Osijek, CRO  
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG World Challenge Cup Serie in the Olympic Year 2024

In terms of format, the FIG World Challenge Cups of the series in the 2024 Olympic year do not differ from the first four WELTCUPS with Olympic qualifying chances, except that they have no significance for the current Olympic qualification. Even before the fourth and final Olympic qualification with World Cup status in Doha (April 17-20), the so-called World Challenge Cup circuits begun at the end of March in Antalya (TUR), closely followed by Challenge Cup no. 2 in Osijek (CRO; April 04-07), then the third Challenge in Varna (Bulgaria; May 23-26), followed by Koper (SLO; 30 May 30 - June 01) and concluding in Szombathely (Hungary) from October 03-06.
It is difficult for the observer to recognise the meaningfulness of this strange structure of the still overloaded world gymnastics calendar and to keep an overview!

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  - FINALS: 2024, April 2024, 06 / 07

* I n f o - : The Croatian Gymnastics Federation and the deserving local organiser of the DOBRO World Cup, the Osijek Žito Gymnastics Club, are hosting the World Cup for the 15th time in Osijek.
The winners of the first final day are Illia KOVTUN (UKR) on floor exercise. Kazakhstan's Ilyas AZIZOV relegates the two local heroes Filip Ude and Marko Sambolec to the medal ranks, and parallel bars world champion Lukas DAUSER (GER) shines with the highest E-score and defeats Ilia Kovtun on parallel bars despite his highest D-score of 6.9 !!
The Bulgarian Kevin PENEW was the best ring gymnast on the 2nd day of the final. On the vault table, the hosts were able to celebrate the victory of their Aurel BENOVIC and were sad that their former world champion Tin Srbic was defeated on high bar by the Asian TANG, Chia-Hung (TPE)!
PARALLEL B.  VAULT               HIGH BAR.
* Men's Qualification -:
Leading on floor after day 1 is Croatia's Aurel Benovic (with the highest difficult score of 6.3 and 14,150 points, followed by Hungary's Krisztofer Meeszaros (6.3)=14,050. Benivic leads also on Vault...! Pommel horse best was Ilyas Azizov (KAZ; 14,650). With the same difficulty (5.9) Croatioa's pommel specialist Filip UDE was not flawless and only just qualified for the final in eighth place...!
On parallel bars, world champion Lukas Dauser (6.6)=14.600 finished third behind Krisztofer Meszaros (HUN;14.700) and Ilja Kovtun (UKR; 14.65) in the final.
TANG Chia-Hung (TPE) leads on high bar, Taha Serhani (SUI) qualified on third in the preliminaries ...

* Qualification results (complete):
Floor ex.; ►Pommel h.  ► S.Rings;  ► P. bars; ► Vault;  ► High bar
The French women celebrated two victories on day 1 of the finals: Coline DEVILLARD won on floor and Melanie DE JESUS DOS SANTOS excelled on parallel bars, and the latter added the 3rd French victory on the floor on the 2nd day of the final after being defeated on the balance beam by Anna LASHCHEVSKA from Ukraine.
* Women's qualification:
    ►Vault      ► Uneven bars;        ► Balance beam;           ► Floor ex.
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