14. August 2022  
Munich, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

43. WOMEN's Artistic Gymnastics European Championships 2022

Since 1955, the European Gymnastics Federation, as the former European Gymnastics Union (UEG), recently renamed "EUROPEAN GYMNASTICS", held continental artistic gymnastics championships. The inaugural event for men was followed two years later by the women in Bucharest in 1957, and the 43rd European Gymnastics Championships 2022 take place now in Munich from August 11-14.
The all-around gold of these 43rd European Women's Championships went to Asia D'AMATO (< in the photo above, right) from Italy.
Fresh off the back of winning double gold in her home city at the Commonwealth Games, Alice KINSELLA (GBR) continued her fine form with a classy and professional performance with highlights coming on bars and floor. Alice scored a total of 54.132 points across the four apparatus with Asia D’Amato of Italy taking gold.
Despite a fall on the last apparatus, the uneven bars, Italy's Martina MAGGIO, saved the second medal for her country with bronze.
The best German gymnast was the 33-year-old Kim BUI, who finished an outstanding eighth at her 11th (!) European Championships and thus probably competed in her last international all-around of an extraordinary career!
ECh-Team gold went not unexpectedly to I T A L Y, who once again performed sovereignly and became European team champions for the second time after 2006 in Volos. With top scores on all 4 apparatuses they relegated GREAT BRITAIN to 2nd place. A preliminary decision in the medal fight was already made in the second rotation, when the 3 French gymnasts had to accept 4 falls (!!) on the balance beam alone and dropped back to sixth place after the third place in the preliminaries. With a fighting performance, especially on parallel bars and beam and sovereign protection until the end, the GERMAN TEAM won a team medal for the first time in the history of the European Championships with bronze!
... and at last: The Apparatus Finals on Sunday(* - more Details: see below)

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Not only from the host's point of view - a crazy European Championship !

♦ First gold for the 18-year-old - also a success of the Chemnitz gymnastics school!♦ Super conditions in historic, Olympic ambience!

Atmospheric atmosphere with appealing performances in front of large and positive spectator response!!!
Strong Italians take 2x gold + 3x silver and 2x bronze.
♦ 1x gold each goes to the British women (floor) and to Hungary (vault) but 3 bronze also to France.

Germany surprises (!) and wins for the first time 2 titles and for the first time team bronze!

Emotional farewell with proud performance (5th on parallel bars) at their 12th European Championship participationwith tears of emotion at Kim BUI and huge applause storms!  (* photo below ...:

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  E C h - Apparatus FINALS (Sunday, Aug. 14;)

* The App. Qualifiers ...:
V A U L T;   ► U N E V E N  B A R S;    ► B E A M;    ► F L O O R

>  S t a r t l i s t 

  V A U L T
Marked by 2 injuries, the vault gold went to Zsofia Kovacs. The Hungarian regains her European title she first won in 2020 in Mersin (TUR).
Asia D’Amato finished second but sustained an ankle injury along the way.
France’s Aline Friess narrowly edged Belgium’s Lisa Vaelen for the bronze medal. Team France added two more bronze medals to their tally, for Lorette Charpy on bars and Carolann Heduit on beam.

  KOVACS, Zsofia  (HUN) - 13,933

D'AMATO, Asisa     (ITA) - 13,716

FRIESS, Aline       (FRA) - 13,599
4. VAELEN, Lisa                   (BEL) - 13,583
  5. GADIROVA, Jessica      (GBR) - 13,433
  6. RASMUSSEN, Camille   (DEN) - 13,383
  7. RAZ, Lihie  (ISR) - 13,016
8. GEORGIEVA, Valentina ( - verletzt ausgeschieden)

      Detaillierte Resultate
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  U N E V E N  B A R S
On the last day of the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics European Championships in Munich (GER), the host nation truly lit up the iconic Olympiahalle. Supported by the 6500 sell-out crowd, Eli Seitz performed last on uneven bars and swung brilliantly. Scoring 14.433, Seitz overtook Alice D’Amato to take her first major title ever, at the tender age of 28.
  SEITZ, Elisabeth      (GER) - (6.1) =14,433

  D'AMATO, Alice         (ITA) - (6.1) =14,400

  CHARPY, Lorette       (FRA) - (6.2) =14,166
 4. VILLA, Giorgia              (ITA) - (5.8) =14,100
 5. BUI, Kim                       (GER) - (5.9) =14,066
 6. FENTON, Georgia-Mae (GBR) - (5.6) =13,633
 7. VISSER, Naomin,          (NED) - (6.0) =13,066
 8. KINSELLA, Alice          (GBR) - (5.4) = 11,666

      DetaiLED ResulTts
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  J E C h  -  APPARATUS FINALS  (SUNDAY, August 14)

>  S t a r t  l i s t   -  (Italien with 7, Romania with 6 und Great Britain with 4 finalists;
Germany realised 6 final places, but All-round champion Helen Kevric
had to cancel three starts due to injury and competed on uneven bars only; the other two German finalists are: Marlene Gotthardt (Floor)  und  Chiara Moiszi (Beam) .

MANECA-VOINEA, Sabrina (ROU) - 13,250
VAN EIJKEN, Ming              (FRA) - 13,066
MARANO, July                     (ITA) - 13,033
      Detailed Results
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  U N E V E N   B A R S
PIERATTI, Martina    (ITA) - (5.6) =13,433
KEVRIC, Helen        (GER) - (5.4) =13,400
PIERAZZINI, Viola     (ITA) - (5.3) =13,166
      Detailed Results
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  B A L A N C E   B E A M
LASHCHEVSKA, Anna  (UKR) - (5.4) =13,200
GRILLO, Arianna            (ITA) - (4.8) =12,666
PUFLEA, Amalia           (ROU) - (5.0) =12,400 
      Detailed Results
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  F L O O R   E X E R C I S E S
PUFLEA, Amalia                   (ROU) - (5.1) =13,233
PIERAZZINI, Viola                  (ITA) - (5.3) =13,200
MANECA-VOINEA, Sabrina (ROU) - (4.9) =12,966
      Detailed Results
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