05. May 2024  
Rimini, ITA  
Artistic Gymnastics

45th WOMEN's Artistic Gymnastics Europeans 2024

The 45th  European Championships in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the Fiera di Rimini had already started with a bang, with Manila ESPOSITO (55.432) winning the all-around and the hosts also taking all three first places: Silver for Alice D'AMATO (54.831) and third was another Italian, Angela ANDREOLI (53.766), as the sporting result of the all-around, but due to the two-country final rule of the omitted final (?), bronze was handed to Great Britain's Alice KINSELLA (53.599). This convincing start was followed on the final day by ITALY's second national victory after Munich 2022: with 164.162 points, they relegated GREAT BRITAIN to second place (162.162), while bronze went to FRANCE (158.796), who lost four points to the Italians on beam alone ... Germany finished 6th below Romania and Spain.
* The Italians also only lost one title in the apparatus finals, on vault to France's Coline DEVILLARD, who successfully defended her title. Otherwise, Alice D'AMATO won one of three more golds for Italy on parallel bars and all-around winner Manila ESPOSITO took two more titles on beam and floor as the most successful gymnast of these Europeans! But overall, Italy, Great Britain and France set strong European signals in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. This will also be confirmed by the eagerly awaited team final on the final day.
... ... and France and Italy were also the two leading European gymnastics nations in the junior sector, almost at the same level!

45th WOMEN's Europeans 2024 + JECh ( - see below)

ECh Women's Team Finale (> Historical Team Balance)

* E C - report --: In front of a sold-out Fiera di Rimini, Italy ended its European Championships on a high note in the team final.
Alice D’Amato, Manila Esposito, Elisa Iorio and Angela Andreoli were joined on the competition floor by Asia D’Amato, cheering on loudly. 4500 spectators also showed their appreciation which gave the Italian women wings. After the first rotation, on vault, Italy trailed Great Britain but they made up on bars, with all three scores above 14. On beam, recently crowned European Champion Manila Esposito led her teammates, posting over 40 points. The only team in this final who managed to do so. Ending the night on floor, Manila, Elisa and Angela sparkled in the spotlight, taking in the fabulous atmosphere. With a grand total of 164.162, the Italians won the European team title for the third time in their history. And what better way than doing it in front of a home audience.

Great Britain's team, featuring Abigail Martin, Alice Kinsella, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Rebecca Downie and Ruby Evans, led after the first rotation, and sealed their deal for silver on floor with 3 magnificent routines. Silver for the defending Champions!
Going into the last rotation, the battle for bronze ensued between Romania, France and Germany. France ended on vault, the event that produced both gold and bronze medallists for them in the apparatus finals yesterday. Marine Boyer, Ming Van Eijken and Coline Devillard secured their bronze medal by excellent vaulting. Morgane Osyssek-Reimer and Lorette Charpy delivered their contribution on the other events.
Bronze for France, host of the upcoming Olympics, their first time on the European podium since 2018. Romania gave them a good run for their money, their best rotations coming on vault and floor. Fourth for Romania, fifth for Spain, sixth for Germany while Netherlands and Sweden finished seventh and eighth.

1. ITALY                   - 164,162
2. GREAT BRITAIN   - 162,162

3. FRANCE               - 158,796
        4. ROMANIA              - 156,397
        5. SPAIN                   - 153,962
        6. GERMANY             - 152,930
        7. NETHERLANDS     - 149,563
        8. SWEDEN               - 148,596

           ►► Detailed Final Results
* Team Qualification  (Rank 1-8 qualified for Team Final)
1. ITA - 165,296;    2. GBR - 161,430;  3 FRA - 159,130;  4. ROU - 158,798;
5. ESP - 154,462;  6. NED - 153,995;  7. GER - 153,697; 8. SWE - 152,430

... 13. AUT - 148,963; 14. SUI - 147,964:
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♦ 26th J E Ch - European Junior Championships 2024

♦ JECh - Team Decision  (* Friday, May 03)
The European Junior Championships, which take place every two years, usually showcase the status of young athletes' development:
The young FRENCH girls made a big leap forward: from 5th place last time in Munich in 2022, they took the JECh team title this time, dethroning the last winners ITALY in front of their own audience. Bronze went to the girls from BELGIUM.
The young guard of the German girls didn't disappoint either, even if it wasn't bronze this time but fourth place, less than -0.6 points behind Great Britain and the Swiss.

   JECh Team Results
1. FRANCE             - 155,763
2. ITALY                  - 153,527
3. BELGIUM            - 148,662

4. GERMANY         - 148,063
       5. GREAT BRITAIN - 147,531
       6. SWITZERLAND  - 143,130

  7.UKR - 143,062;  8. ROU - 142,063;  9. NED - 141,930;  10. ESP - 139,663;
11. GRE - 137,395;  12. CZE - 137,196; 12. TUR - 135,629; 14. POR - 134,763
... 19. AUT - 131,531

     ►►  Detailed Results
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♦ J ECh, ALL-Around Decision (- without a AA Final; Friday, May 03 )
JECh all-around gold also went to France. After the last European junior champion, Helen KEVRIC, came from Germany, this year the JECh all-around gold medal also went to France: Elena COLAS (FRA) won with 53.265 points ahead of Giulia PEROTTI (ITA; 52.498) and Maiana PRAT (FRA; 50.899), followed by two other Italians and a Briton, then in 7th place Madita MAYR from Germany (49.665), last year's three-time German national youth champion from Stuttgart (TSV Jetzendorf)!

   AA - R E S U L T S
1. Colas, Elena                        (FRA) - 53,265
2. PEROTTI, Ciulia                     (ITA) - 52,498
3. PRAT, Maiana                       (FRA) - 50,899

        4. FIORAVANTI, Emma                  (ITA) - 49,864
        5. GAVA, Benedetta                       (ITA) - 49,798
        6. AMANKWAAH, Shantae-E.A     (GBR) - 49,700

   ...  7. MAYR, Madita                           (GER) - 49,665
   ... 11. Mühlhofer, Michaela                   (GER) - 48,766
   ... 12. WALSER, Kea                           (SUI) - 48,699
   ... 38. SCHLIESSER, Leonie                (AUT) - 44,765

            ►► Detailed Results
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* Qualification results for the Apparatus finals (- see below)
 ► Vault;   ► Uneven bars;   ► Balance beam  ► Floor ex.
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