6. February 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Den FRIEDENSAPPELL deutscher Sportler unterzeichnete heute auch Ex-Weltmeister an den Ringen Andreas AGUILAR. Mit 71 prominenten Unterschriften liegen die Turner damit auch als die aktivsten dieser Initiative an der Spitze der aktuellen Liste.. Es folgen Fußball (46 Unterschriften, 2 Olympiasieger), Radsport (34/9), Leichtathletik (24/9) und Rudern 18/11) von bislang 21 verschiedenen Sportarten.

5. February 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

A partnership between the city of Cottbus and the city Gelsenkirchen is the background for a new partnership to the water company GELSENWASSER AG. This is an international service enterprise for the water and energy sectors, with numerous branches, subsidiaries, and investees in many parts of Germany and neighboring European states and now the new sponsor of the traditional 'Tournament of Masters in Cottbus.....
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4. February 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Today morning the both last German Olympic Champions of artistic gymnastics, the champion on rings Holger BEHRENDT (Seoul 1988) and high bar champion Andreas WECKER (Atlanta 1996) signed the 'APPEAL for PEACE of German Sportsmen'.
Wecker is also starting a new bussiness carreer in fitness and wellness trade..
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3. February 2003
Artistic Gymnastics
Artistic Gymnastics

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1. February 2003
Cottbus / Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

Cottbus Tournament director Silio KROLL said this morning, that the 'TOURNAMENT of MASTERS 2003', is saved now, through the taking over of the financel difference of 18,500 EURO by a local partner.
The world cup tournament will take place at March 21 - 23 in the new venue 'LAUSITZ ARENA'.
Gymnasts fom 18 nations, inclusive USA, announced there coming (update today).