07. September 2019  
Worms, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

Germany's Women's Team beats Belgium and France at home

With more than +2.5 points lead the German women's national in the city of Worms (GER) won the friendly triple-meet against Belgium and France.
With a team score of 163,800 : 161,250 : 161,150 the German team delivered a closed team performance, in which especially Elisabeth SEITZ (54,600) was the best in all-around in front of the Frenchwoman Aline FRIESS (54,450) as well as Sophie SCHEDER (GER) as third (53,850) and the fourth Emelie PETZ (53,600) knew to convince positively by further increase in form. Best Belgian was Margaux Daveloose (52,400) in 6th place. Former beam world champion Pauline Schaefer suffered an involuntary relegation from her "Schaefer sault" on her showpiece and was recorded with the lowest bar value (12,600), meaning 8th place in the end (51,800).
A brilliant achievement on their equipment demonstrated uneven bars world champion Nina DERWAEL (BEL) , which offered the best technical execution with the most difficult exercise (6.5) and was rewarded with the daily maximum value of 15,300 points. Derwael was also only on the beam: Again, she convinced with the device rating of (5.4) = 13,800 points.
The all-around second Aline Fries (FRA) also scored the highest score on the vaulting table (14.900) with the highest difficult score (5.8); Belgium's Jade Vansteenkiste performed the top performance of the day on the floor exercise (5.0 = 13,500).
* This competition was the last test in front the World championships in Stuttgart, next moth and also the second national German WCh qualification ...
* RESULTS: T e a m;   All-around