24. October 2009  
Zurich, Switzerland  
Artistic Gymnastics

Ariella Kaeslin and Marian Dragulescu perform gymnastics at the Swiss Cup Zürich 2009

stv--: - two weeks after the World Championships 2009 in London the world elite in artistic gymnastics meet on the 1st of November 2009 in the hall stadium Zürich for the attractive couples competition. 
Swiss Cup – World class gymnastics – stands for dynamics, power, elegance, grace, precision and above all for sports and entertainment on the highest level. Simply world class!
Just a few days before the event the OK is celebrated under the leadership of Jürg Stahl - with yet another 5’000 tickets. Again the organisers have managed to put together an attractive field of participants - including the Swiss Silver girl Ariella Kaeslin, who was the first swiss artistic gymnast to win a medal at a world championship and the Romanian double world champion Marian Dragulescu (Gold on the floor and on the vault).
Romania with gymnast world star Marian Dragulescu
Romania is going into the competition, with a winner-duo, as is tradition. The 29 year old Romanian Marian Dragulescu belongs to the top stars in artistic gymnastics. In London he won his fourth world championship title on the floor and with vault. Dragulescu is not unknown for Swiss Cup fans, already in 2001 and 2003 did he win at the Swiss Cup. In 2009 he performed together with Anamaria Tamirjan. The Silver medal winner on the Bar of this years European championship, managed to get 9th place in this years world championship. Both will make sure of a firework of highest speed, strength, elegance and grace in the hall stadium.


Unfortunately the team from Brazil had to pull out at last minute. The Swiss-Cup OK is being negotiated with Mexiko and Colombia: «Our wish is to commit a South American country as a replacement for Brazil, in order to underline the international character of the Swiss Cup», said Adrian Sonderegger, Managing Director of the Swiss Cup.
Team competition in the Cup system
The Swiss Cup is a couples competition, where each one male and one female gymnast per Nation will form a team. In the Cupsystem with its pre-round, semi final and final the winner will be announced. The male and female gymnast of each team will perform right after each other and will obtain a team rating made up of their individual scores. With certain restrictions the aparati of each round may be freely chosen. In the final round the score of the four finalist-couples starts at nill. The team which lies in fourth position starts first. Winner of the Swiss Cup Zürich is the couple with the highest total score of the final round. Guaranteed excitement up until the last excersise.
Switzerland as the host country is represented with two teams.
The starting field of the world class athletes
The following athletes will present their shining achievements in the hall stadium in Zürch.
(Chances arranged, listed by gymnast of each Nation):