21. March 2004  
Pottsville, PA / USA  
Artistic Gymnastics

Friendship Classic in Pottsville

Winners of the 'FRIENDSHIP CLASSIC 2004', held this weekend in Pottsville, PA./USA were Gymnasts from Russia and Ukraine in the the junior and senior all-around and event titles.
Ukraine's Olga Scherbatykh won the senior all-around over Russian Polina Miller, who fell off balance beam. Sherbatykh won beam and floor exercise, Miller the other two events. Third was American Grace Taylor of Aiken, South Carolina.
Svetlana Klyukina (RUS) won the junior all-around over teammate Anna Grudko. Canadian Leslie Mak finished third in all-around and was the second on floor exercise...

Happy Girls: Front: Svetlana Klyukina (RUS); Olga Shcherbatykh (UKR); Grace Taylor (USA);
Back:Leslie Mak (CAN); Polina Miller (RUS); Anna Grudko (RUS)

'WELCOME next Year again!'

Juniors All-Around
1. Svetlana Klyukina RUS 35.750
2. Anna Grudko RUS 34.675
3. Leslie Mak CAN 33.975
4. Marina Kostyuchenko UKR 33.925
5. Nicole Heikkila CAN 33.525
6. Nansy Damianova CAN 33.425

Junior Vault
1. Klyukina 9.325
2. Grudko 9.050
3. Damianova 8.800

Junior Uneven Bars
1. Kostyuchenko 9.225
2. Klyukina 8.725
3. Lyons 8.350

Junior Balance Beam
1. Grudko 9.150
2. Heikkila 9.050
3. Klyukina 8.800

Junior Floor Exercise
1. Klyukina 8.900
2. Mak 8.825
3. Grudko 8.750