06. May 2004  
Tokyo / Japan  
Artistic Gymnastics

NHK Cup 2004 - Japanese OLympic Qualification

The NHK Cup is the most prestigious gymnastics competition held in Japan.There were 18 men and 18 women competing; three events for men and threeevents for women ran simultaneously.
Last weekend Isao Yoneda was the best gymnast of these events, followed by Hiroyuki Tomita and Hisashi Mizutori.
In women's category Manami Ishizaka won in front of Kyoko Oshima and Miki Uemura. Top 4 gymnasts after the four days of trials will go to the Olympics automatically. The other two spots will be determined among the gymnasts ranked 5-8 after the four days of trials....

Japanese Candidates for a Member of FIG 2004
Nominated by Japan Gymnastic Association
Koji TAKIZAWA (Exec. Committee)
Sawao KATO (Men's Techn. Committee)
Yoshie HARINISHI (Women's TC)

Shihoko SEKITA (Rhythm. TC)
Tatsuo ARAKI (General Gymn. TC)
Tammy YAGI-KITAGAWA (Sport Aerobics TC)

Source: Japan Gymnastics Association