16. July 2006  
Shanghai / China  
Artistic Gymnastics

Chineses dominated World Cup in Shanghai

Chinese gymnasts won eight gold medals, two silver and two bronze at the World Cup event in Shanghai over this weekend:
Winner on floor was the world champion from Brazil Diego Hypolito.
Best on pommel horse was the Chinese Quin, Xiao and his compatriot Chen Yibing won on rings.
On second day the Chinese men won vault by Du, Wei and also parallel bars by Feng, Zhe. Young Russians came on the first two places on high bar: Dmitri Bogulov, followed by Andrei Nikhovitzky.

In women's category also the host dominated by Zheng, Fei (vault) and Xiao, Tingting (uneven bars)....
Women's VAULT
1. Cheng Fei CHN 14,975
2. Anna Pavlova RUS 14,925
3. Anna Grudko RUS 14,525
>> Detailed results: Vault

1. Xiao Tingting CHN 15,675
2. Yulia Lozhechko RUS 15,300
3. Kristina Pravdina RUS 14,975
>> Detailed results: Uneven Bars

1. Pang Panpan CHN 15,600
2. Li Ya CHN 15,400
3. Anna Pavlova RUS 15,400
>> Detailed results: Balance Beam

1. Cheng Fei CHN 15,400
2. Pang Panpan CHN 15,300
3. Daria Joura AUS 15,075
>> Detailed results: Floor Exercises