1. November 2020
Hannover, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

Due to the currently applicable restrictions due to the corona pandemic, the 7th International ZAG Junior Cup cannot take place as planned on November 21 in Hanover-Vinnhorst. German Organizer Jörg Niebuhr clarifies that “postponed is not canceled” - its delayed!"
“The competition should not be canceled without replacement, but should be made up at a later date. It is rather unlikely that in view of the current restrictions, especially with regard to the training of the young gymnasts,...

30. October 2020
Tokyo, JPN
Artistic Gymnastics

Japanes media reported, that three-times Olympic Champion Kohei UCHIMURA (31) has tested positive for COVID-19!
Ten days before he was due to take part in an international meet seen as a major test of Tokyo’s capacity to hold events ahead of next year’s Olympics, organizers announced on yesterday. The meet is set to be the first international event to be held at a Tokyo Olympic venue Yoyogi National Gymnasium) since the Games were postponed in March due to the...

21. October 2020
Leipzig, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

*DTB-Info--: In a press release  the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB) announced today that due to the development of the pandemic and after intensive exchange between the DTB, the city of Leipzig, the Free State of Saxony and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs, which will take place from May 12 - 16, 2021, the world's largest popular and top-class sports event will be held in Leipzig, the "International German Gymnastics Festival 2021" is canceled.

14. October 2020
Vinnhorst, GER
Artistic Gymnastics

TuS Vinnhorst sets signs of Motivation:

After Lower Saxony's artistic gymnasts from TuS Vinnhorst have laid a successful track for young gymnasts with the "International ZAG Junior Cup" in recent years, they absolutely want its continuation, even in this compliceted pandemic year: Despite the ongoing problems caused by Corona, the German hosts from the Club TuS Vinnhorst has now established itself in agreement with the regional gymnastics federation (NTB), it was decided to hold this international competition again...

13. October 2020
Roma, ITA
Artistic Gymnastics

Acting President of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) Niels Nygaard today called on the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus to live up to its obligations outlined in the Olympic Charter to ensure its athletes are not discriminated against for their political or any other views. The EOC, which is the umbrella organisation for the 50 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Europe, has received a number of complaints from Belarusian athletes relating to politically motivated pressure from...