21. December 2016  
Lausanne, SUI  
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG: "Zero tolerance" for sexual abuse and harassment in Gymnastics

* fig-news --: The protection of children and young athletes is fundamental to our sport!
While the FIG is very concerned by recent media reports alleging child sexual abuse in U.S. gyms, the FIG is confident that USA Gymnastics is taking the necessary steps to prevent further such cases and is undertaking all possible efforts to review its policies and cooperate with relevant authorities in this serious matter. “Just as we do not tolerate doping in gymnastics, we have “zero tolerance” for sexual abuse or harassment in our sport,” said FIG President-Elect Morinari Watanabe. As worldwide governing body, FIG is forming a working group with the aim to review and reinforce its existing rules in this respect. The FIG will closely monitor developments in the United States and work with USA Gymnastics to determine if any next steps are necessary..
* source: fig-press release