06. July 2019  
Troyes, FRA  
Artistic Gymnastics

French Men's team beats Turkey and Germany

The French men's Team Tricolor realized an unbeaten host victory in a friendly triple meet in Troyes (FRA, department Aube). With 242,900 points, the French team won clearly with over 6 points ahead of the "shooting" nation Turkey (236,459) and with more than 10 points clearly before a young German selection (232,250).
Best all-around fighters were the two Frenchmen Julien SALEUR (80,200) - who is under contract with the German second division club TG Hanauerland - as well as Kevin CARVALHO (78,700), followed by the Turks Yunus Emre GUNDOGDU on third place (77.250). His compatriot, Ferhat ARICAM, did the daily high score of this three-country battle with 14,450 on the parallel bar.
Team Germany competed with Carlo Hoerr from TSV Schmiden (6. / 74.700) and Karim Rida from SC Berlin (7. / 74.500), both of whom did the full 6-fight and Daniel Woerz (TG Böckingen), Andreas Bretschneider ( KTV Chemnitz) and Leonard Pruegel (SC Cottbus).
Ergebnisse, Mannschaften/Einzel