18. April 2003
Deva / Romania
Artistic Gymnastics

The Romanian newspaper Ziua wrote in an article this week, that the situation in the Romanian gymnastics center Deva continues to be tense, next to the abundance of problems that the trainers have had to face lately, another problem surfaced: the construction at the Deva complex and the worse thing is that the construction will last at least 4 years....

16. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

According to reports of the Romanian sports newspaper 'Gazeta Sporturilor' indications of poisoning have been recognized at the elite gymnasts in the training center in Deva.
Eight gymnasts have been struck by it for two days, among them Florica Leonida, Oana Ban, Oana Petrovschi and Monica Rosu.
In the newspaper report it is mentioned that the indications of poisoning at the gymnasts had been swollen faces, general sickness and dizziness. The doctors have not found the cause...

15. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Floarea Leonida, of Romania shared the gold on floor at the Romanian International Championship last weekend, together with compatriot Monica Rosu, the all around champion Saturday, both posting a 9.550.
The Romanians earned victories in nine of 10 event finals.
Kylie Stone of Calgary won the bronze medal on floor Sunday to conclude the Romanian International gymnastics. Pavel Goffman of Israel, the all around champion, prevented a clean gold medal sweep for Romania placing first on parallel...

12. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Netherlands women's team of artistic gymnastics won the triple meet against France and host Switzerland wiht a score of 142,500 points (- 139,025 : 134,900).
Three Dutch gymnasts were also the best in individual all-around:
Berber van Berg (35,650), Suzanne Harmes and Gabrielle Wammes...

11. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

In Aigle, a small town near Geneva, the Swiss women team will compete this weekend against France and Holland. The Dutch team - without Verona van de Leur - consist of:
Suzanne Harmes, Berber van den Berg, Loes Linders, Laura van Leeuwen, Mayra Kroonen and Gabrielle Wammes, who replaces an injured Renske Endel. Teamcoaches are Frank Louter and Rietje Bijlholt...