11. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

After the remarkable international results of Yuri van Gelder (First on rings in Paris) and Jeffrey Wammes (JEC Patras 2002 and Obi-Cupwinner in Berlin) the Dutch gymnast will get more money on their way to the WC in Anaheim.
The Dutch will take part at the Worlds with a team and finish there within the first 18 teams. If they succeed, they will get two FIG-starting permits for the 2004 Olympics in Athens...

9. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Two weeks after the world cup in Thessaloniki took place also the Greece National Championships of artistic gymnastics there.
Two-time world high bar champion Vlasios Maras defended his all-around title. However, Maras and the other top names did not participate in the event finals, choosing to travel instead to Athens to take part in a world peace demonstration.
The 22 years old Vassiliki Tsavdaridou swept all five gold medals in women's category, five years after her last national...

8. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Dutch gymnastics federation (KNGU) has lost a law suit at the court of Zutphen which was filed by the gymnasts Evi Neijssen and Patricia Lasomer from the gymnastics club Echt (Limburg). Both gymnasts, despite of showing according performances at the Dutch Championships (June 2002), have not been appointed for the squad of elite gymnasts ”Oranje und Jung Oranje” out of which the participants for international competitions are being recruited. …

7. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Hungarian International took place over the last weekend (April 5 - 6) in the Hungarian capital Budapest and Alexandra Eremia and Dana Sofronie competed, along with Russians Polina Miller and Elena Anoshina...

6. April 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Netherlands Juniors team was the winner of the International OBI Cup, which was held this weekend in Berlin, Germany. The Dutch team was the best with a score of 148,150 points. On second place came the young boys from Switzerland (146,650) and on third the young talents from the German club SC Cottbus (145,250).
The Dutch Jeffrey Wammes (52,05)was the best in individual all-around. Wammes made his world cup premiere two weeks ago at the Cottbus World cup,...