9. March 2003
Cottbus, Berlin/Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

After the first world cup 2004, the '28. Turnier der Meister' in Cottbus and at the beginning of the Olympic year GYMmedia publishes the topical standings of its WORLD RANKING LISTS for women and men...

8. March 2003
Berlin/Cottbus, Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

After the TV premiere last year the world cup organizers booked again the responsible equipment of GYMmedia-TV, to realize the TV production of the Cottbus World Cup 'Tournament of Masters'.
The Swedish agency IEC in sports makes the brokerage of TV rights and sells the signal into more than 70 countries worldwide.

7. March 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Svetlana Khorkina leads also after the second day of the 2003 Russian AA Championships in the Olympic Sports Komplex of Moscow and is the new Russian Champion 2003. On second place came the titleholder 2002, Anna Pavlova. Third is Natalia Ziganshina.
Best in mens's category after six apparatusses was Alexei Bondarenko, but the new Russion Champion now, after the all-around final, is Sergei Tikhonovsky from Sysran....
Nikolai Krukov ws the triple winner of the event finals of the...

6. March 2003
Moutier/ Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics

The Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics returned its verdict on the case of the Spanish gymnast Gervasio Deferr, who had tested positive for cannabis (- News from February, 19)
The athlete was given a three-month suspension to begin on January 7, 2003 for the charges against him at the 2002 national championships in Vitoria.

5. March 2003
Cottbus / Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

From 5th to 7th March, the traditional 'Tournament of Masters' - B World Cup Torunament - take place in Cottbus (GER). More than 170 athletes from 48 nations take part in this tournament.
Today, on the first world cup day the gigantically qualification rounds with more than 170 athletes took place in the 'Lausitz-Arena'.

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