24. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Beginning on 15th May 2003, Christian Moreau of France has become the Official Supplier and Sponso of the German Gymnastics Federation DTB.
The contract has a four year duration, allowing enough time for both partners to make plans for the future....

23. May 2003
Brno/ Czech Republic
Artistic Gymnastics

Czech Republic - Poland - Germany:
Today the German national team of juniors won a triple meet in the Czech city Brno with a score of 201,35 points. On second place came the guests from Poland (188,45) and on third the host Czech Republik (177,20).

Best gymnast in all round was the German Philipp Boy from the German Vice Champion SC Cottbus with a score of 51,30 points.
Kamil Hulboj from Poland came on third place...

22. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Olympian and member of the Romanian national team Dorin Petcu, who was on sixth place of the Olympic all around in Sydney 2000, will start a new career as an artist of the far famed Canadian Cirque du Soleil.
So Petcu doesn't at the German gymnastics club TK Hanover's disposal in the 2003 season of German Bundesliga.
Petcu starts a three-and-a-half month training in Montreal this summer and hopes to get after than a contract for a...

20. May 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

After the gymnastics highlights in March (world cup) and April (Greece Nationals) now the city of Thessaloniki experienced its next top events: Two triple meets last weekend:

On Sunday the Romanian men's team won with a score of 221,60 points against France (221,35) and Greece (215,80). The French Florent Mar?e (54,50) was the best gymnast in all around.ybr>
On Saturday the Greece women team (142,25) won their triple meet against the guests from Bulgaria (135,075) and the...

19. May 2003
Ter Apel/Netherlands
Artistic Gymnastics

In Ter Apel (Netherlands) took place an 'International Meet of raising generation', between the female national teams of host Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.
It was a competition with two scores:
Girls at the age of 14 - 15 years (juniors) and 12 - 13 years old girls (youth). The Dutch and the Germans started with two teams, Great Britain only with a junior squad, but it was the best team and Kim Lyon won in juniors all...