20. June 2004  
Madrid / ESP  
Artistic Gymnastics

Dual meet Spain - Romania

The women's team of Romania (151,075 : 148,900) and the men's team of Spain (224,550 : 223,100) won the dual meet between Spain and Romania on Saturday in Madrid. Monica Rosu (ROM / 37,650) and Rafeal Martínez (ESP / 56,925) were the best of individual all around competitions.
For the first time after his absence due to a drug ban Gervasio Deferr (ESP), Olympic Champion on vault, took part in an international competition (on floor and vault only).
Celeste Carnevale from Argentina supplemented the women's starter field. She is the first reserve gymnast for the Wildcard of Olympic Games in Athens.

He's back: Gervasio Deferr (ESP)

Elena Gomez (ESP)

1.Spain A 224,550
2. Romania 223,100
3. Spain B 216,225

Individual All Around:
1.Rafael Martínez 56,925
2.Ioan Suciu 56,700
3.Manuel Carballo 55,400

Celeste Carnevale (ARG)