28. April 2020  
Amsterdam, NED  
Artistic Gymnastics

"HIJ STAAT!" - Holland celebrates its Epke Zonderland and its TV-reporter again

Ik ga helemaal uit mijn dak!"

- ... legendary outcry in Flemish by Holland's TV gymnastics expert Hans van ZETTEN, when the "Flying Dutchman" Epke ZONDERLAND cleared his Olympic high bar exercise in 2012 in London: "HE STANDS! I stand too! I'm going crazy ... .!
- this emotional outcry went through the Netherlands on August 7, 2012 and the whole world celebrated the first Olympic men's gymnastics medal for the Dutch Kingdom with the bold aviator from Heerenveen by the previous two-time vice world champion, who with his legendary triple flight number "Pineda - Kovacs - Kolman" was rated better with 0.133 points and thus displaced Germany's Fabian Hambüchen to the silver rank.
... and with this outcry "HIJ STAAT!" today the title of a book is published in the Netherlands, which traces the extraordinary life of the gymnast reporter Hans van ZETTEN, who was enthusiastic about his sport from the beginning. Of course, there is a need for such unique, golden moments, as brought to him by an Epke Zonderland, which were repeated again in 2016 through the balance beam gold in Rio de Janeiro by Sanne WEVERS.
... and this is how his report on the gold exercise by Epke ZONDERLAND sounded eight years ago: