14. July 2018  
Artistic Gymnastics

Italian Girls win JECh Test Event ahead France and Great Britain

On Saturday evening (July 14) the Italian national juniors team hosted a Friendly International Meet with 4 strong European equipes, in whose also ranks are mainly aspirants for the forthcoming Junior European Championships in Augus. - last test so to speak, which should run these countries last arguments for the nominations of their JECh teams: Germany, France, Great Britain, and Switzerland were the host nations. In the north-eastern Italian city Pieve de Soligo of Pieve the host dominated - as expected - the team competion  and won with a strong score of 164,700 points in front of the second-placed French girls with a distance of - 4,650), as well as even more clearly Britain in third place (- 8,650). The German girls ranked fourth before the team from Switzerland. The Italians benefited from the strong individual performances of her two best gymnasts at the top, Elisa IORIO (55,600 !) ahead of Giorgia VILLA (55,450 !).

* from right to left: ITALY, FRANCE and GREAT BRITAIN.

Carolann HEDUIT (FRA)

  - Pieve de Soligo / ITA; 2018, July 14 -

1. ITALY                 - 164,700
2. FRANCE            - 160,050
3. GREAT BRITAIN - 156,050

4. GERMANY         - 154,050
5. SWITZERLAND   -  148,450

* Detailed Results:
T E A M S ALL-Around Apparatus

ITAY participated with
Giorgia Villa, Alice D'Amato, Elisa Iorio, Alessia Federici, Giulia Cotroneo, Camilla Campagnaro
♦ FRANCE with:
Heduit, Carolannù; Letrange, Mouakit Alizee; Pontelevoy, Claire; Forestier, Julia; Whal, Mathilde; Friess, Aline.
Achampong Ondine; Greenland, Leah; Hilton, Halle; Jakubczyk, Phoebe; Morgan, Amelie; Young, Annie.
♦ GERMANY with mit:
Malewsky, Emma; Papke, Peonie; Zimmermann, Lisa; Hinsberger, Lara; Petz, Emelie; Zhu, Ajyu.
Bickel, Lena; Gresser, Alessia; Pascu, Anastassia; Germann, Agathe; Ferrazzini, Nina; Steffen, Lou.

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