04. October 2016  
Miami, USA  
Artistic Gymnastics

Johanna Quaas conquered the US American TV market

Extra by the 90-year-old competitor of artistic gymnastics, Johanna QUAAS (90), from Germany, an American TV team from Miami / Florida visited the Jahn"City" of Freyburg at the river Unstrut in Saxonia-Anhalt, near Leipzig.
The US-TV-team produced a small video portrait about the oldest active gymnast in the world, becase in upcoming November, Johanna Quaas will celebrate her 91st birthday!
The TV team came from Miami / Flo, from the Broadcaster UNIVISION / Fusion, the largest television channel in the United States for the large Latino population. Just now the video portrait of Johanna Quaas (photo, left with the German cycling legend and former world champion Gustav Adolf Schur (nickname: "Taeve"; photo, left) on the 94th Jahnturnfest 2016 in Freyburg. (Friedrich Ludwig Jahn is the German Grandfather of Gymnastics and he lived and died in Freyburg.)
Now this video clip broadcast and spread worldwide at the various networks ...!
Within just a few days the access numbers of the internet version increased dramatically. All in all, all the Quaas videos have been retrieved far more than 11 million times since her targeted distribution via the GYMmedia portals 2012, the agile senior lady from Halle / Sa. is considered a convincing example of healthy lifestyle by age-appropriate sports ...

At the moment our agency GYMmedia has numerous invitations for Johanna Quaas to different TV broadcasts from all over the world, but which she can not possibly meet!
Johanna QUAAS herself is now preparing instead for a next official national competition even though she did not want to start there anymore:
In the middle of October, she will once again be at the disposal of her regional Gymnastics federation team from Saxonia-Anhalt as a representative of her age class at the "Germany Cup of Senior Teams".
In November she will be able to admire them in action in the fitness-conscious part of the German population as an "ambassador for senior citizens" in the specially campaign "Germany trained".