23. August 2005  
Bucharest / Romania  
Artistic Gymnastics

Monica Rosu and Alexandra Eremia excluded from Olympic squad

The Executive Committee of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation has decided to exclude Olympic vault and team champion Monica Rosu as well as Olympic team Champion Alexandra Eremia (who underwent surgery for appendix removal recently) from the Olympic Team and due to persisting weight problems and ongoing display of lack of motivation. Both gymnasts were sent home to continue their training at their home clubs in Bacau (Rosu) and Steaua (Eremia), separated from the Olympic team’s training center in Deva.

Octavian Belu

Adrian Stoica, the secretary general of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation put it even harder: “When they will walk the talk and show that they are willing to commit themselves to competitive sports, the doors will be open.”

Belu further said that Catalina Ponor will show up in Melbourne with a completely modified routine on floor. As Belu doesn’t want to compete with mediocre athletes, in the worst case Romania will show up in Melbourne with only 2 gymnasts: Catalina Ponor (beam, floor).