17. March 2003  
Athens / Greece  
Artistic Gymnastics

PRE OLYMPICS Athens 2004 - Women s Artistic Gymnastics

The female gymnasts are testing the Team-event...!
A few months before the actual highlight will take place traditionally the 'Pre- Olympic Competitions' are starting the countdown to the Olympic Games.
As well for the athletes as also for the organisers and the official equipment suppliers they are an important test for the individual kinds of sports. The female gymnasts are testing their team event...

Allana Slater (AUS)
- Bronze Team of Anaheim 2003

Supported by the 'Official Olympic Supplier Athens 2004' the Dutch producers of PEGASES 'Janssen&Fritsen'
GYMmedia will report directly from the competitions in Athens from Wednesday, March 15th onwards.

>> 5.00 - 10.00 pm: Women's team, competition.

'APOLLO Diagonal',
an absolutely new System!!

According to new FIG regulations only 2 kind of springboards will be allowed to be used, one hard and one soft kind of board:

So Janssen&Fritsen is introducing the blue 'softer' sprinboard 'IRIS' (soft)

and the red 'harder' springboard 'KREON' (hard) to be chosed by the athletes. Both boards have major improvements in the sense of modern gymnastics development.

Depending on the weight and athletic conditions or the choice of vault group (e.g rondat- or handspring vault) the athletes now have a better individual choice according to their sportive demands..
.. please read more on the link 'Apparatuses'

IRIS, Goddess of the Rainbow