30. July 2009  
Prague, Czech Republic  
Artistic Gymnastics

The former Czech national Coach Vladimir PROROK became 80

In the capital of the Czech Republik, Prague celebrated Vladimir PROROK, the first European Champion of artistic gymnastic and the vice European Champion on the still rings (Ist Europeans in Frankfurt 1955) his 80th birthday on Tuesday (July 28).
Since1958 caused the national coach of the former CSR an upswing of artistic gymnastics in his country, which reached its climax in the 1960´s with the success of Eva BOSAKOVA, the Olympic balance beam winner in Rome (1960) and with the eight Olympic Gold medals of Vera CASLAVSKA in Tokyo (1964) and Mexiko-City (1968).
In the beginning of the 1980´s he was also in charge as the national coach for the (western-) German women...
In consequens of this Prorok changed existing structures and introduced things that were in his opinion indispensable if trying to compete on an international level. So he opend for example the boarding school like housing for the athletes in the base for competitive sports in Frankfurt...
This might be one of the reasons for the increases successes as could be seen in the results of the 1983 World Championships (Budapest, 8th rank) and the Olympic Games 1984 (Los Angeles, 4th rank, without socialist countries participating).
A few things he implemented were not supported by the mainly on mass sport focused sport functionaries of the German Gymnastics Federation, ...