09. June 2019  
Ghent, BEL  
Artistic Gymnastics

2019 Flanders International Team Challenge

The 2019 Flanders International Team Challenge was held from June 8-9 at the Flanders Sports Arena in Ghent, Belgium.
Gymnasts from Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Romania, Spain, Poland, Germany, Argentina, Norway, Austria, Israel, Sweden, Iceland, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Italy, Great Britain, and Azerbaijan were invited to compete.
In the World Championships Arena of 2001, the the Belgian hosts proved to be the strongest - led by their world champion and two-time European champion (uneven bars) Nina DERWAEL: Also the host nation BELGIUM won the team final (elite + femal) of this trophy clearly ahead of ROMANIA (- with particularly strong junior performances!) in front of a Mixed team and ahead of the Netherlands Team. Germany ranked seventh out of eight nations behind Spain and Argentina ( Nations ranking).
While in the strong female Romanian juniors Romanians trumped, few weeks before the first Youth World Championships in Györ, Hungary, the German's were rather not satisfied with the stability rate of their performances ...

♦♦ J U N I O R S
* Teams:
1. ROU - 155,596
2. ITA  - 155,063;   3. BEL - 154,530

4. GBR - 151,830;  5. NED - 147,329;  6. GER - 146,764.

* Ind. All-around

1. Ioana STANCIULESCU (ROU)  - 52,432
2. Silviana SFIRINGU      (ROU)  - 52,266
3. Jessica GARIROVA      (GBR)  - 52.232

  Detailed Results