10. June 2021  
Artistic Gymnastics

2021 Russian Cup

The 2021 Russian Cup of artistic gymnastics serves as one of the selection stages for the Tokyo Olympics. The main contenders for the Olympic teams were more or less known in advance and Russia even sent the projected teams to Euros to test them (with Kirill Prokopev replacing injured Artur Dalaloyan last minute). In the all-around final on Thursday, June 10, the reigning European champion  Nikita Nagorny won gold, Alexander Kartsev won silver, and Nikita Ignatyev won bronze. David Belyavskiy and Artur Dalaloyan did not compete in the all-around here. Ignatyev was an alternate on the Rio Olympic team and is likely to serve as an alternate again because he isn’t quite at Kartsev’s level.