19. April 2015  
Montpellier, FRA  
Artistic Gymnastics

36th WOMEN's European Championships 2015

 At the 36th Women's Europeans 2015 in Montpellier the Swiss Giulia STEINGRUBER won not only the very first all-around medal for his country, but she is the very first European all-around champion of Switzerland! Steingruber ranked first after the last rotation with a total score of 57,873 points and a difference of +0,741 to her strongest opponent: Russia's Maria KHARENKOVA's vault result in the last rotation (13,933) was not strong enough, to beat Steingruber - 57,132 that's the silver medal for this petit Russian girl, who was a double junior European champion already, three years ago. The bronze medal went to Elissa DOWNIE from Great Britain (56,623), but also this is the very first all-around medal for a British girl in history of the Europeans! No Romanian gymnast on the all-around medal podium! Italy's Erika Fasana went on 4th place (56,474), followed by the exceptional Polish Marta Pihan-Kulesza (55,198) and the second British gymnast, Claudia Fragapane (54,899) on sixth place...
But at the end Russia was the best nation, winning three titles at the apparatus finals: Maria PASEKA on vault - beating the titleholder Steingruber, Daria SPIRIDONOVA on uneven bars, in front of Becky Downie, and Ksenia AFANASEVA on floor exercises, followed by the Brit Claudia Fragapane and Giulia Steingruber.  Romanian girls won only one medal, this year, the title on beam went to Andreea MUNTEANU ...

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WOMEN's Apparatus FINALS, Part I  (> FIN qualifiers)
 * Saturday, Apr 18





On uneven bars the battle for gold was between Rebecca Downie (GBR) and Daria SPIRIDONOVA (RUS), both posting a 6.7 difficulty score.
Spiridonova’s execution was better so she took the European title with 2 tenths difference.

Sanne Wevers (NED) got bronze for a routine performed with beautiful form. The younger Downie sister, Ellie, was one tenth behind in fourth place.
Crowd favorite Loan His (FRA) unfortunately had problems in her first European event final ...

                                  - (6.7) =15,466

2. DOWNIE, Rebecca (GBR)  GBR)
                              - (6.7) = 15,233

  3. WEVERS, Sanne          (NED)
                              - (5.6) = 14,200

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  Floor Exercises

Former European and World Champion on floor, Ksenia AFANASEVA (RUS) topped the field again, after being sidelined by injury for a long time. Her expressive floor routine and great spins and leaps gave her the advantage over the powerful tumbling of Fragapane who placed second and Steingruber who added a bronze medal to her collection.

  1. AFANASEVA, Ksenia     (RUS) - (6.3) = 14,733
  2. FRAGAPANE, Claudia  (GBR) - (6.3) = 14.633
  3. STEINGRUBER, Giulia  (SUI)  - (6.0) = 14,466
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Maria Kharenkova (RUS) - best of qualification, AA silver nedallist at the end

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