01. November 2020  
Hannover, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

7th ZAG Junior Cup 2020 postponed

Due to the currently applicable restrictions due to the corona pandemic, the 7th International ZAG Junior Cup cannot take place as planned on November 21 in Hanover-Vinnhorst. German Organizer Jörg Niebuhr clarifies that “postponed is not canceled” - its delayed!"
“The competition should not be canceled without replacement, but should be made up at a later date. It is rather unlikely that in view of the current restrictions, especially with regard to the training of the young gymnasts, a date in December can be realized. TuS Vinnhorst and the main sponsors ZAG and HanseCom are ready to hold the competition at a later date. One possible variant would be to hold the ZAG Junior Cup as the start of the new competition season in March 2021".
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