19. August 2019  
Freyburg, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

97th Jahnturnfest in the Jahncity of Freyburg

The German city of Freyburg (Saxonina-Anhalt) was the last residence of the German gymnast Friedrich Ludwig JAHN (1778 - 1852), who is considered the founder of the German gymnastics movement. In the city of his tomb sit competitions for everyone take place every year in August at the beginning of the 20th century.
Following the example of the Berlin Hasenheide, where Jahn opened the very first gymnastics place (Turnplatz) in 1811, gymnastic equipment is still standing in the open air. So also at the 97th Jahnturnfest 2019, which brought on the last weekend again over 1,200 participants in motion and on the gymnastics apparatus.
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