09. January 2021  
Budapest, HUN  
Artistic Gymnastics

Agnes KELETI - with 100 Years the oldest Olympic Champion of the World!

Today the 5-time Hungarian former gymnast Olympic champion Àgnes KELETI celebrates her 100th birthday in the Hungarian capital Budapest.
The Holocaust survivor, born in Budapest in 1921, is currently now the oldest Olympic champion in the world.
With a "Swedish passport", the Jewess hid during the Second World War II as a Christian maid, named "Piroska Juhacz" in the Hungarian province and survived the Nazi hunt for Jews.
After the end of the war she started gymnastics again, but won her first Olympic gold medal in Helsinki in 1952, albeit at the age of 28, because she was hurt in 1948 before the Olympic Games in London. Four years after Helsinki she won 4 more golden in Melbourne of her altogehther 10 Olympic medals in 1956.

Àgnes KELETI (1949) - she injured herself before the 1948 Olympic Games and therefore had to forego a start in London ...

>> Agnes Keleti, 2002 in der Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City
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* Ein historisches VIDEO fasst das Leben der Àgnes KELETI zusammen:

* Youtube (0967)